Struggling With Drug Addiction And Dependency? Look Into Ibogaine For Depression

Adderall addiction

Do you have a drug addiction or mental illness? You may want to consider ibogaine for depression. This revolutionary new medication has been sweeping the medical world over the past decade for its quick results and reliable improvements, easily considered one of the best ways of tackling the frustrating side-effects of addiction and common mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and dependency. If you’re unfamiliar with ibogaine therapy or simply want to know more about the options at your disposal, look at the comprehensive guide below to get yourself on the fast track to recovery.

What Are The Most Common Addictions?

While it’s possible to become addicted to anything, there are some substances that are more commonly used than others. Recent studies have shown there are an estimated 130 million individuals in the United States who consume alcohol on a regular basis, with alcoholism still one of the leading causes of health risks and depression. Additional studies ahve shown nearly three million people having a dependence on both alcohol and illicit drugs, with another seven million people struggling with at least one form of mental illness.

What Are The Most Common Mental Illnesses?

Your mental and emotional health is just as important as your physical health. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to separate the two. Depression comes in many different forms, such as bipolar depression and seasonal depression, and affects tens of millions of people in the United States alone. Chronic anxiety rates in teenagers and young adults has seen significant spikes over the past few decades, no doubt in part to societal changes as well as growing understandings of the effects of mental illness.

What Are The Most Commonly Used Drugs?

Alcohol, tobacco and meth are some of the most frequently used drugs in the United States. Methamphetamine was originally synthesized from ephedrine back in the early 1900’s, prescribed as a treatment for obesity and general weight loss. Heroin, also known as diamorphine, was created in the late 1800’s as a product of Bayer A.G. Even now alcohol is one of the easiest drugs to obtain, with drinking culture contributing to ease and accessibility. However, many addicts have emphasized illegal drugs being easier to obtain (and less expensive) than your average six-pack of beer.

What Age Group Is More Prone To Addiction?

Over 20 million Americans over the age of 12, excluding tobacco, have been found to have an addiction. In fact, the majority of people who use drugs for the first time do so when they are teenagers — there were nearly three million new users of illicit drugs a few years back, equating to around 8,000 first-timers per day. Half of those were under the age of 18. Addictions can last for years if left untreated, hence the increasing popularity of ibogaine for depression and addiction treatment programs.

How Can Ibogaine Drug Treatment Help Me?

If you have considered ibogaine for depression or an ibogaine detox, your first step is to visit an ibogaine treatment center and ask for an evaluation. They will assess your addiction and have you answer a series of questions to better figure out the most appropriate plan of action. Ibogaine is used to lower the body’s tendency toward dependency and, as such, significantly reduce withdrawal symptoms and all the negative effects they have on your everyday life. Results can be seen in a matter of weeks, ideal if you want to nip your condition in the bud. Consider visiting an ibogaine treatment program and see if ibogaine for depression is right for you.

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