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6 Tricks to Dealing With the Terrible Twos

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Newborn baby sleep

The terrible twos are something every parent learns to fear. But, with these tricks, dealing with the terrible twos doesn’t have to be so terrible!

1. Give out consequences

No parent wants to be the bad parent, but sometimes consequences are necessary. A huge part of the terrible twos is your child trying to test your limits, so your discipline has to be firm and consistent. Use time out to your advantage as this will help your child learn proper habits.

2. Give them the ability to choose

During the terrible twos, your toddler is trying to assert their authority with you. Offering them choices gives them the feeling that they have some power. So try and give them choic


Creating the Perfect Baby Nursery Requires Careful Attention to Quality Linens

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Fitted sheet

The nursery is almost ready. The soon-to-be father spent finishing the details of the pink and grey stripes on the wall behind the crib. The soon-to-be mother was busy as well. She realized that the sheets that she bought might not be enough. Although they perfectly matched the room, as she prepared to place them on the mattress inside the newly assembled crib she discovered that they really were not very soft. So thin that you could actually see through the details to the crib sheet protector, these sheets might work in a pinch as another set was washed, but they would not be the best choice for the sheets that would be used all of the time.
Mothers, even ones who still are carrying their babies in their wombs, understand the importance of nice sheets. Continue Reading No Comments