Creating the Perfect Baby Nursery Requires Careful Attention to Quality Linens

Fitted sheet

The nursery is almost ready. The soon-to-be father spent finishing the details of the pink and grey stripes on the wall behind the crib. The soon-to-be mother was busy as well. She realized that the sheets that she bought might not be enough. Although they perfectly matched the room, as she prepared to place them on the mattress inside the newly assembled crib she discovered that they really were not very soft. So thin that you could actually see through the details to the crib sheet protector, these sheets might work in a pinch as another set was washed, but they would not be the best choice for the sheets that would be used all of the time.
Mothers, even ones who still are carrying their babies in their wombs, understand the importance of nice sheets. Kids fitted sheets are no exception. Whether the mother is purchasing fitted crib sheets for an infant or waterproof fitted bed sheets for toddlers, purchasing high quality sheets that do not pill or immediately wear thin is important. Kids fitted sheets, in fact, often need to stand up to more washing, drying, and wear than adult sheets. In fact, soft, quality sheets that do not scratch an infant’s face may help parents avoid the problem of skin irritations caused by rough and scratchy linens.
As parents and other family members help prepare for a new baby in the house, many of them think about the decorations on the wall, the colors of the nursery, the baby stroller, and the car seat. In reality, however, the family might be wiser to spend their time investigating the kind of infant and kids fitted sheets that they purchase. Ideally, what babies do a lot of is sleeping. And the comfort of the sheets in a crib can determine everything from the length of a nap to the irritation of a young child’s delicate skin. A baby crib sheet, for example, can be the one place where a new born infant spends most of her time. And in reality, no new parent will argue with the cost of quality sheets if it means that everyone in the house is getting a good night’s rest.
Consider the following recommendations for purchasing sheets and other nursery or infant room linens:

  • The maximum number of threads that can be woven into one square inch of fabric is 500 to 600.
  • Percales with thread counts higher than 200 are very durable linens.
  • A 400 thread count sheet can be soft and light.
  • A 800 thread count percale can be soft and dense.
  • “Weft” refers to the number of threads woven horizontally into a piece of fabric.
  • “Warp” refers to the number of threads woven vertically into a piece of fabric.

New Technologies Provide New Materials for New Parents
Most new mothers know that a warm bath will help sooth many babies. In a very shallow bat of only one to three inches, a bath three times a week not only helps keep a baby clean, it also help many babies fall to sleep. And while this tried and true infant care technique is something that most new parents understand, other tips and techniques may be unfamiliar. For example, some studies indicate that massaging premature infants with sunflower seed oil three times a day can result in a 41% reduction in sepsis and a 26% reduction in mortality.
While the use of essential oils can contribute to the health of premature infants, another ingredient helps produce kids fitted sheets and other linens that are water resistant. Zinc has been incorporated into the fiber of some kinds of sheets. This process gives the fabric antibacterial properties and also helps reduce odors and protects skin. These newly developed products take the place of typical stiff mattress covers with a a soft, colorful bed sheet. These sheets are machine washable, and they are also more breathable than typical waterproof crib protectors.
All parents want the best for their children and nothing is more important than a good night’s rest. And while decorations and colors for a nursery may be fun to select and plan, few things are more important than the sheets covering the mattresses infants sleep on.

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