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6 Tricks to Dealing With the Terrible Twos

Newborn baby sleep

The terrible twos are something every parent learns to fear. But, with these tricks, dealing with the terrible twos doesn’t have to be so terrible!

1. Give out consequences

No parent wants to be the bad parent, but sometimes consequences are necessary. A huge part of the terrible twos is your child trying to test your limits, so your discipline has to be firm and consistent. Use time out to your advantage as this will help your child learn proper habits.

2. Give them the ability to choose

During the terrible twos, your toddler is trying to assert their authority with you. Offering them choices gives them the feeling that they have some power. So try and give them choices between two things you would be okay with them doing, such as ‘would you like to play dress up or play outside?’ or ‘would you like to build with blocks or color?’.

3. Give them a little responsibility

Toddlers are more than capable of doing small chores around the house including throwing their napkin away, helping put plates on the table, feeding the dog, etc. Letting them complete these little tasks around the house will help to build their confidence and will show that you trust them.

4. Keep a regular sleep schedule

All humans feel moody and upset when they don’t get enough sleep. It is more important than ever to maintain a regular sleep schedule in order to prevent those horrible toddler screaming tantrums! Also, if your child does not take naps anymore, make sure they get to bed at a good hour each night. You will thank yourself the next morning.

5. Introduce good eating habits

Many toddlers are fussy eaters, but it is not a good idea to placate them with junk food. Make the habit of introducing healthy foods for picky toddlers now , and you will not have to worry about them developing bad habits down the road.

6. Give praise

When you see your child behaving well, it is important to shower them with praise. This will reinforce their good actions, making them want more.

Dealing with the terrible twos does not have to be tricky. Just follow this advice and you will have a happy household!