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Ensuring You Have Reliable and Healthy Drinking Water

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Chlorine removal arizona

With all of the negative press and situations in the media lately regarding water quality, many Americans are worried about the quality of their drinking water. If you really thing about it, water is a very important part of our everyday lives, and without, we would struggle to do many of the necessities we do on a daily basis, including showering, cooking and cleaning. It is also an important part of our diets, with many researchers recommending 8 glasses of water per day. How can you be sure then, that the drinking water in your home is safe and healthy for drinking and other purposes?

Water makes up about two thirds of who we are, and influences 100% of the processes in our body. It is important, then, that we guarantee the quality of the water that we are putting into our bodies. Our drinking


Line Dancing is Helping Veterans Cope With PTSD

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clothing donations

It is no secret that war veterans have a hard time adjusting to life at home when their tour of duty ends. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a very common ailment found in veterans that can cause extreme anxiety, flashbacks, and depression. Dancing Well: the Solider Project is aiming to fix just that.

Dedicated to bringing the healing power of music, dance, and community to veterans, this program’s mission is to bring light to those suffering from PTSD or traumatic brain injuries. They host a program once every two weeks, where the vets can bring their boots and get down to some country music. The act of dancing alone seems to bring anxiety levels down and helps harbor a sense of community and belonging as the vets recover. Bringing these veterans together allows them to see they are not alone, and there are others in their exact position willing to help them in the recovery process.

The success rate of this dance program is outstanding. Over 90% of the group’s participants said their memory and mood increased substantially from attending classes. It also provided an outlet for the whole family, giving them something fun to do together.

These dance classes don’t focus on skill or ability as the dance teachers focus on giving the veterans a good night out while helping them forget their troubles. Who knew lives could change with a little power of dance?

Another rewarding way to help veterans is through clothing donations. We all have extra clothes that can be sent to a good home. After all, over 12 million tons of used textile waste is thrown out in the United States every year. With the homelessness rate for veteran’s being almost 10%, giving charitable donations can help out in more ways than one.

Military families will also benefit from the clothing donations. An estimated 27% of military families in the United States have over $10,000 in credit card debt. Donating anything you can will help these families overcome their hurdles.

Have any clothing donations that are looking for a new home? Bring them over to Purple Heart Pickup today!


The Many Benefits of Donating Gently Used Clothing Items

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Support for military families

It is likely that everyone has a few items in their closets that they no longer fit into, no longer like or no longer want. We tend to leave these items in our closets simply because it is easier than pulling them out, putting them into a bag and then figuring out where to donate them to. However, this can make our closet overcrowded and make it difficult to find an outfit when we are browsing through it. These clothing items can take up too much valuable space and can make our everyday lives difficult. Donating clothing provides many benefits to a lot of people and can also be a great way to free up closet space while making more room for additional clothing items.

Increasing storage space is one of the many benefits of a clothing donation. Many people have children also with closets that a


Where Can I Find Ranch Properties for Sale? 3 Incredible States to Consider

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ranch properties for sale

Life is all about making the right decisions, but often, there are too many great options to choose from. Choosing between vanilla and chocolate at the local ice cream parlor is a piece of cake (no pun intended), but deciding which state to invest in ranch properties for sale is much more complex.

Fortunately, the wide array of ranch properties for sale in several states will make your decision much easier. Ranch auctions allow you to learn more about the positives and negatives of each piece of land before you decide to make the investment. Additionally, some ranch land for sale can also bring in ancillary income if you choose to rent it for hunting, fly fishing, or other ranch activities.

From giant luxury ranches to quaint cattle ranches, you can find exactly what you’re looking for in some different states. Here are just three of the many states with lucrative ranch properties for sale right now:

  • Montana
    It doesn’t get the credit it deserves, but Montana is perhaps the best state in the country for profitable ranch property. While there are several reasons for Montana’s recent boom in ranching and farming, one key reason for the state’s success is its growing population. Montana’s population is expected to grow by about 14.1% by 2043, which is one of the highest growth rates in the country. Additionally, several notable businesspeople have been staking their claim in Montana for years. For example, Ted Turner bought the Flying D Ranch southwest of Bozeman for over $20 million in 1988.
  • Wyoming
    About seven hours southeast from the great state of Montana is Wyoming, which has its own unique benefits to offer prospective ranchers. Some people believe that employment of agricultural managers will decline 2% by 2024, but apparently Wyoming didn’t get that memo. Wyoming continues to reinvest in its agriculture industry, particularly when it comes to ranching. In fact, state officials recently proposed a 16,400-acre reservoir, which would be used by ranchers and farmers around the City of Buffalo for enhanced irrigation.
  • Texas
    Last but certainly not least, it would not be a true discussion of ranch properties for sale if Texas wasn’t mentioned. Texas defined what it means to be a cowboy in pop culture, but most people don’t realize just how lucrative this career path can be. Since everything is bigger in Texas, you’ll find enormous ranch properties for sale in Texas. This will allow you to rent out parts of your land for ancillary income. Fly fishing is a $750 million market in the U.S., and you may be surprised at how much you can earn by merely renting out a pond on your property to make some income on the side.

Investing in ranch properties for sale will enrich your life in a wide variety of ways, both personally and financially. Mark your calendar to attend an upcoming auction and see what else these great states have to offer to prospective ranchers.


3 Tips For Finding the Home of Your Dreams

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Houses for sale hayward wi

After finally getting a promotion and having the funds to make a down payment, you’ve decided to do what once felt impossible: find and move into the home of your dreams. But the stakes are riding high on this dream of yours, as this decision could impact the rest of your life. This is the home that you will one day raise children in. That means that not only the home itself needs to be ready for such an adventure, but the neighborhood, schools, and economy surrounding the home needs to align with your future goals. And then there’s the whole added challenge of finding the right home for your budget. Once you consider all of these challenges, moving might seem like an ever-impossible and daunting task. How will you ever find a home?
Luckily, it doesn’t have to be so difficult. By following a few


How to Choose Long Term Care for Alzheimer’s Patients

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Alzheimer care orland

Alzheimer?s disease is a brain disorder that progressively destroys memory and thinking skills, eventually causing the lose of the ability to carry out the most simple of tasks. While much research has been done on the disease, currently one thing is for certain, its effects can not be reversed. In fact, of the top 10 causes of death in the U.S., Alzheimer’s disease is the only one that cannot be prevented, slowed down, and does not have a cure. Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia acount for one third of senior deaths making it the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S.

Many families with loved ones who suffer with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia often have a hard time finding and choosing the right care options for alzheimer


When Your Furniture Fits Your Home It’s Magical

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Mattress tips

Decorating a house to make it a home is something that takes time, patience, and careful planning. That sofa that catches your eye, the curtains that come in your favorite color, or the bed frame that tickles your fancy can all come together to transform your empty house into the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Along the way, however, there are many questions that need to be asked and answered. How much room do you have for certain items? Will everything you want fit into the space you have? You might also need to ask for expert advice on things like what to look for in a mattress, or condo furnishing options. You might be able to furnish your entire home with furnishings from a single store, but that is very unlikely. Because decorating your home is a major ordeal, finding the right designer to guide you throu


3 Reasons You Should Consider Adoption

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Adoption dallas

Having a child is one of the most important and sought after goals in many people’s lives. It’s when you decide to leave behind he thoughts of only “me” and “I” and begin a journey that includes another human life that relies on you for virtually everything. Unfortunately, there are a great deal of people that for one reason or another decide they are not ready for this life challenge and the child ends up in an adoption agency.

There are approximately 397,122 children living without permanent families in the foster care system in the U.S. today. An estimated 153 million orphans have lost one parent worldwide. Adoption certainly isn’t for everyone, but for those that are capable, financially and emotionally, of entering into this life should be encouraged to do so as there are thousands of children waitin


It’s Never Been A Better Time To Buy Farm Land For Sale In America

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Farms and agricultural land for sale

What do you look for in a mountain ranch for sale? Cattle ranches have only continued to blossom in the buyer’s market due to their hybrid of economic functionality and environmental diversity, meeting a demand that only continues to grow as the population does. Investing in quality land now can see your future goals, be they ranching or farming, closer within your reach. Knowing which farm land auctions to turn your attention to, though, can be a time-consuming endeavor. Many states have their own unique appeals and there are a wealth of options to choose from in the fields of vegetable, meat and wool production. Let’s look at farming, ranching and what options might suit you and your ambitions best.


New Sheets? Why You Should Make the Switch

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Belgian linen sheet set

Organic sheet sets can truly change a person’s life. Going from ordinary sheets to organic sheets can do wonders for not only your sleeping habits, which it will probably greatly improve, but also your overall well being and mood.

There are many benefits in going from ordinary plain sheets to organic linen sheets.

  • Organic sheet sets can give you a much better sleep. You will not be worried about what nasty chemicals are all over your body because they were all over your old sheets. Yuck! Even after you washed and dried your old sheets, more and more chemicals would attach to them and make them even more appalling. Organic linen sheets, however, have no added chemicals, so you’ll have a better night’s rest, and a cleaner one.
  • Organic linen sheets according to a few studies, will