The Many Benefits of Donating Gently Used Clothing Items

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It is likely that everyone has a few items in their closets that they no longer fit into, no longer like or no longer want. We tend to leave these items in our closets simply because it is easier than pulling them out, putting them into a bag and then figuring out where to donate them to. However, this can make our closet overcrowded and make it difficult to find an outfit when we are browsing through it. These clothing items can take up too much valuable space and can make our everyday lives difficult. Donating clothing provides many benefits to a lot of people and can also be a great way to free up closet space while making more room for additional clothing items.

Increasing storage space is one of the many benefits of a clothing donation. Many people have children also with closets that are full of outgrown clothing. There is probably not much wrong with the clothing items, except for the fact that the child has outgrown them. When you choose to make a clothes donation of your children?s outgrown clothing, you are also making additional room available for new clothing they will need that fits them. The average American purchases 10 pounds of previously used clothing each year in the United States. Many of these clothing items are usually items that were quickly outgrown by their children.

Pick up clothing donations provides those not as financially free to purchase their growing children additional clothing, as well. Charitable clothing donations provide discounted clothing items to those in need, or those who simply cannot afford to purchase new clothing items for their growing children every few months. Additionally, families also have the option to schedule a charity pick up of their kid?s outgrown clothing and then to visit the local charity to also purchase new clothing for their children that will fit them.

Finally, donating clothing items to a charity provides tax benefits for that person. It is the government?s way of thanking you for your charitable donation. A person who donates clothing items to a charity can obtain a donation slip, estimating the total of their charitable donation. This can help when tax times comes, further reducing the cost of taxes that may be owed. It is simply an additional incentive for being so kind and thinking of others, rather than throwing out gently worn clothing items. An estimated 90% of clothing and textiles thrown out in the U.S. during 2011 could have been recycled or reused. Additionally, the recovery rate for used clothing and textiles in 2011 was only an estimated 15.3% in the United States.

Many charities make it simply for people to donate their clothing items without much hassle. Pick up clothing donations are when a charity drives around picking up scheduled clothing pickups. There are many charities that will pick up donations from homes and other places of business. Pickup clothing donations has greatly increased the amount of clothing and other textiles that are being donated per year.

Many families and individuals find items in their closet that they no longer want, need or fit into regularly. This is especially true of children?s closets, which are constantly growing out of clothing items. Rather than throwing these gently used clothing items out, they can be donated to those in need. Many charities will actually come and pick up these items, ensuring as little of hassle as possible for the donator. Pick up clothing donations greatly increases the amount of clothing that is donated, and the benefits that are received by those choosing to donate their clothing items.

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