Your Backyard is a Peaceful Retreat and a Sound Investment


There’s a good reason why backyards and outdoor spaces are so highly valued. Outdoor living fulfills some very deeply seated needs: for fresh air, a chance to connect with the natural world, a place to relax and let go the stresses and cares of the world. Backyards become your own private escape, a place to entertain friends, and so much more. Even if you’re not a gardener, once you have a yard to play around in, you may find yourself making trips to the plant nursery and learning about mulch and butterfly gardens. It’s the best excuse for grown ups to get their hands dirty, play with mud, and get away with it.

Landscaping and backyard improvements: the financial factors
Even though it’s not the primary reason why people love and care for their backyards, a beautifully kept and landscaped yard adds to the value of the home. Almost all, of 97%, of real estate agents believe that garden improvements offer a significant return, up to 215%, on the value of the investment. For larger projects, it’s better to hire a landscaping and design company that will have the experience and crew to do a professional job.
For those planning to sell a house, 90% of real estate agents recommend landscape improvements to get a better price. That’s because your landscape design is the first thing that visitors see, and the first chance to make a great impression on potential buyers. Your local plant nursery is a great place to get started with backyard improvements. From planning to plants and tools to upkeep and maintenance advice, you can get it all there.

A peaceful place
For the majority of Americans, their backyard is just the place where they can get away from it all for a little while. As many 75% of respondents said that they find it important to spend time in their backyards, according to a survey conducted by Harris Poll for the National Association of Landscape Professionals. The survey polled 2,034 adults over the age of 18 years.
Further, having a yard is important for 83% of Americans; and 90% of those who have a yard feel that it should be well kept. Some of the most popular backyard activities are gardening, relaxing and entertaining.

Just add color
The majority of homeowners are DIY gardeners, and they tend to focus on food and flowers. As many as 92% choose native plants from the local plant nursery, creating yards that are suitable to the local climate and for local fauna like birds and butterflies.
Fruits and vegetables are another favorite for DIY gardeners. Tomatoes and squash are relatively easy to grow and in just a few weeks you can enjoy cooking vegetables you’ve grown yourself. Fruit trees a few years to mature, but there’s practically nothing to beat the taste of freshly picked berries from your own yard.

For a number of reasons, the local plant nursery and garden center is the best place to get started for DIY gardeners. They will have the right plants and tools for local conditions, and also the best advice for your specific situation. Gardeners are always happy to talk shop and share their advice. Fresh air, a chance to connect with the earth, and even healthy fruits and vegetables to add to your diet: all good reasons why people love their yards and give them so much time and attention.

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