Planning a Family Reunion? Stay on Track With These 5 Tips

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Whether it happens annually or once per decade, a family reunion creates invaluable memories. As it could be a rare reunion for your loved ones, taking all details into account will create the best possible experience for everyone. From activity planning to budgeting for party event rentals, use these tips as a guide for planning a memorable event.

  1. Schedule Ahead of Time

    By choosing a date at least one year in advance, you will not only give your family ample time to set off that day, but you will also get first picks of a venue. Consider sending a survey out to your family members to see if anyone has creative venue ideas.
  2. Decide on a Budget

    As with any large event, planning often begins with a budget. When asking your family about their reunion ideas, also find out what they are willing to contribute. Once you have a number in place, you will be able to fit the rest of your plans within those boundaries. A smaller gathering, such as a backyard party, will likely require a smaller budget than a large gathering at a rented venue.
  3. Build a Planning Team

    Planning a family reunion is no small feat, so you should not have to tackle it alone. Ask different family members to be in charge of certain tasks based on their specific skills. Your accountant cousin, for example, would be a great choice for handling the finances. Select people to handle the food, activity planning, venue rental, and the invitations, for example. Be realistic about what you can handle and delegate accordingly.
  4. Order the Basics

    Be sure to have all of your party event rentals in place ahead of time. Order your chair rentals and linen rentals, for example. Begin the catering selection process early, as you might want to sample different companies before hiring one. In preparation for rain, consider setting up a tent rental.
  5. Plan Activities

    When planning activities for your reunion, be sure to keep all ages in mind. Especially for outdoor events, lawn games will keep your guests active and engaged. If your family has many young children, consider planning games and crafts in advance.
  6. By staying organized in your reunion preparation, you can plan an enjoyable, memorable, and stress-free day for your loved ones.

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