Why You Should Get A Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Drinking from a plastic free water bottle is ideal for a number of different reasons. For one thing, drinking from a plastic free water bottle means that you can have water on the go – whenever you want. The plastic free water bottle is a great way to remind yourself to stay hydrated on a regular basis. For many people, finding the time to hydrate regularly can be more difficult than one might realize – and many people even just simply forget to drink water as frequently as they should. Carting around something such as a plastic free water bottle can help to serve as a constant reminder to keep drinking water, something that many of us certainly could benefit from in our day to day lives.

Drinking water, from your plastic free water bottle or not, is also a great way to stay hydrated while working out. Getting enough exercise, after all, requires drinking lots of water. When you’re exercising, it is suggested that you drink water (from your plastic free water bottle) at least once every 20 minutes of exercise, if not even more frequently than that. This can be quite crucial indeed to your overall health, as dehydration from exercise and physical activity can quickly become more dangerous than you might realize.

Drinking water from your plastic free water bottle might even help you to lose weight, something that many of us could stand to do all throughout the United States, where only about one third of the population falls into a healthy range of weight. In fact, it is actually recommended that you have a glass of water just about a half of an hour before eating. Taking such a step will help you to prevent yourself from overeating, thus lowering the total amount of calories that you ultimately consume. For many people, this is necessary for proper weight loss, as all the exercise in the world cannot combat a surplus of calories taken in over the course of the day. Therefore, having your plastic free water bottle on hand can help you to be mindful of what you are eating vs what you are drinking.

Of course, having a plastic free water bottle that can be reused again and again is hugely ideal from an environmental standpoint as well. Single use plastics are a huge problem all throughout the world, and very much so here in the United States. After all, up to 10% of all waste in the typical home is plastic waste alone. Unfortunately, the plastic that we use is largely made up of single use plastic products that will get discarded as soon as we are finished with them. With up to 90% of all plastics used only once, it is clear to see that we have a real problem that won’t be solved easily. But switching out your plastic water bottles for a reusable plastic free water bottle is certainly a great first step to make – and one that can be done by just about anyone out there.

And there are many kinds of plastic free water bottles out there to choose from. For many people, a BPA free stainless steel bottles is a great choice, as it is also likely to be a lead free stainless steel water bottle as well. Such a plastic free water bottle is much less likely to be filled with harmful chemicals, making it incredibly safe to be used over and over again. Even the best plastic water bottles can end up leaching chemicals into the water if they are used more than once, something that should certainly be avoided whenever it is possible. Lead free stainless steel water bottles are also quite easy to find, so it is likely that you will be able to purchase one with ease. You might also consider something like a thermal water bottle, which will reduce waste for hot beverages such as those of tea and coffee. For many people, thermal bottles can even replace the coffee cups that they get when they go to a coffee shop, something that is certainly being seen more and more frequently throughout the country.

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