Buying Your First Home Information You Should Know

In the United States, when the American people buy a home, it’s a massive accomplishment. This is because they can build their own independent lives and start a family. Afterwards, they are left with a countless amount of memories. Buying a house is, needless to say, a beautiful life event. It is also an event that is becoming common with each passing year. To be more specific, around 83% of buyers are looking for a single-family home in the United States today, around 32% of individuals looking to purchase new homes are first time home buyers, and 80% of residential growth is expected to be in suburban communities within the next ten years. If you’re one of these individuals who are interested in buying your first home, here is information you need to know.

New Construction

Different people are looking for different things when searching for their new home. Some individuals like small houses, cape cod style homes, or large houses. Others like houses that are not actually houses as of yet. Yes, new construction homes! There are in fact some individuals who want to build their new homes. These individuals consist of those looking for another home and first time home buyers. Here are the benefits to building your new home.

Competition: You’ll find that when searching for your new home, the competition is tough. With the ever-changing real estate market, many individuals hunt for their humble abodes all at the same time. This increases the chances of many other people wanting the home you want, and possibly purchasing it from right out under you. Then, it feels as if your hopes and dreams of owning your own home will never come true. However, when you build your own home, there is no competition. The home is already yours, and you can create it in any way that you see fit.

Custom: As mentioned previously, you can create your house how you like it (this include floors, cabinets, doorhandles, sinks, lighting, colors etc)! When you build your house from the ground up, you can personalize it. New construction homes gives you the freedom to truly match your home to your style, tastes, and the trends you’re following. You do not need to worry about remodeling an older home to fit your needs. You’ll have everything you want with customization!

Energy Efficient: If you care about the environment, this is the home for you! New construction homes are known to be more energy efficient compared to older homes or homes for sale. This is because all the systems are new. If you purchase a house for sale, you may have to handle temperature issues, leaks, and failed HVAC systems within the first few months, to few years. However, when you build your home everything is brand new! You’ll have no worries!

Urban Townhomes

It’s currently becoming increasingly clear that many first time home buyers and first time families are purchasing structures in an urban townhome community, such as water-side community. These homes have many benefits that may be ideal for your living situation.

Convenient: If you’re looking for something that is of convenience to yourself and/or your family, townhomes in a place such as water-side community, will be ideal for you. Many of these communities have parks and trails that are great for the outdoor lover or younger children. You do not have to worry about traveling far for the park, it’s right on location. In addition, places such as water-side community ensure that you feel a sense of kinship with your neighbors. Since townhomes are in close proximity to one another, it’s easy for you to get to know your neighbors, become friends, and spend time together.

Low Maintenance: Living in a home, whether it’s new construction or not, requires a lot of maintenance. However, with townhomes like the ones found in water-side community, you will not have to worry about mowing the lawn, painting and repairing, shoveling snow, or doing any form of yard work. You’ll have more time to create a life of independence!

Design: The design of townhomes ensures that you can utilize technology and open, extra space! Your guests will love it!

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