Where Do You Spend Your Free Time? More American Homeowners Want Custom Backyards

Amish rabbit hutches

While television programs about home repair tend to focus on interior design, homeowners who invest in custom sheds, pergolas, and gazebos may find themselves spending more time relaxing outdoors. In general, outdoor structures are referred to as “hardscaping,” and making an investment in custom outdoor entertainment and relaxation areas can both raise resale values and enhance the overall attractiveness of residential landscaping.
Beautifully designed pergolas can allow homeowners to entertain outdoors; gardening enthusiasts enjoy training flowering vines onto outdoor pergolas and gazebos, which eventually creates shaded outdoor areas. Custom pergolas NJ designers should be able to consult with homeowners regarding design specifications and installation plans. In fact, creating a shaded area close to the walls of a home can help to lower internal temperatures by as many as 10 degrees.
While cheap garden sheds and prefabricated gazebos may seem appealing at first, custom pergolas NJ designers do encourage homeowners to invest in high quality, durable hardscaping for their outdoor entertainment areas. Amish shed designs, handbuilt and made from oak, hickory, or maple wood, lasts longer and lends a more personalized look to outdoor design and build projects.
Custom Amish sheds, gazebos, and custom pergolas NJ may take six to eight weeks to build, and should be sealed and finished for longevity. Wondering what size shed would be best? Experts advise that, when in doubt, purchasing a slightly larger shed is advisable. Storage needs can increase over time, and cheap garden sheds may not provide enough protection from the elements or storage space to be worthwhile.
Though prefabricated hardscaping can deteriorate over time, custom hardscaping can endure for decades. Businesses that invest in custom hardscaping — employee picnic areas, custom gazebos, outdoor pergolas and attractive water fountains — have higher rates of employee retention and can also lower their air conditioning costs, recent studies show. Some commercial properties have also installed rooftop gardens, and residential property owners are following suit.

Every year, Americans invest more than $6 billion in outdoor landscaping projects, and keeping a strong focus on beauty and durability — and investing in custom hardscaping — should be the first step in any major outdoor design and renovation project. Consulting with local retailers and examining design options is an exciting first step, and homeowners should expect their finished projects to last for many years.

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