Cattle Farms For Sale — What You Need To Know Before Buying

Colorado mountain ranches for sale

The Southern or Western person is particularly lucky when it comes to purchasing land. The vistas in the South, the landscapes, the wide open sky, and the abundance of land make it one of the country’s unparalleled best areas to invest in land. It doesn’t matter if you’re a rancher, farmer, hunter, or are into lodging — your chances of finding cattle farms for sale won’t get much better than they are in the South.

People are buying up land at an ever-increasing rate lately, particularly in Oklahoma, Texas, California, Tennessee, and Montana. This surge in land ownership has experts speculating that Montana, practically the heart of cattle farming and ranching in America, will undergo a 15% population boost over the next fifty years. Farm land for sale, or a cattle ranch for sale is fast becoming a hot commodity for any individual seeking to make an investment on land. After all, they aren’t making any more of it!

If you are a land owner, or are simply looking at cattle farms for sale to increase your knowledge on the subject, you should seriously consider looking at one of those states first. The weather and beautiful landscapes in these states aren’t the only reasons you will want to do so, either. These states are also typically more “buyer-friendly” than most others, offering a more practical set of laws and rules than other states in relation to land management. Good things are happening across the board — 2015 saw the permanent implementation of a reduction to 5 years for recognition of built in gains for S corps. This is important to take into account when thinking about investing.

In case you’re holding off on a land purchase for fear of damaging the environment with whatever activities you plan on engaging in there, there’s little to no reason for worry. Light (35% or less use of primary forage species) to moderate cattle grazing (35%-45%) usually encourages forb production, which benefits wildlife populations. If you’re a responsible land owner, you’ll be doing as much for the environment as you possibly could be.

So, get on it! The next cattle farms for sale that you see could easily be yours!

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