What Are the Benefits of Dry Cleaning?

If you don’t have some of your clothes dry cleaned, you are missing out on some huge benefits. Keep reading to learn the top benefits of dry cleaning.

Let’s start with what dry cleaning is. Dry cleaning uses solvents to remove soil and stains from fabrics.

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Perchloroethylene is the most commonly used solvent for dry cleaning.

The first benefit of dry cleaning is removing germs. Dry cleaning can tackle germs precisely because of the multilayer dry heat exposure. This exposure kills most organisms left in fabrics.

The second benefit of having your clothes dry cleaned is dry cleaning has the ability to naturally dissolve grease and oil in a way that water can’t. This means instead of throwing out that shirt or pants with oil stains, you can have them restored to a like new condition.

The last benefit of dry cleaning is there is it protects your clothes. Natural fibers such as wools and silks will dry clean without shrinkage or losing color, but water will make them shrink and lose color. To avoid shrinkage and color loss, opt for dry cleaning services.

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