Start Your Own Family Blog With These Tips

The following guide is helpful to everyone who wants to start their family blog, even if they are not well conversant with technology, have no experience in blogging, or are professionals. The instructions are easy to follow and apply, enabling you to open the blog within ten minutes.

The first tip is to choose and register the preferred domain name of your family blogging site for free. Afterward, you must select the appropriate hosting provider and set up the blog with WordPress.

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WordPress is a trendy blogging platform that is very helpful to bloggers who want their content to rank highly and be successful.

Bluehost will be the free domain name’s source, making it possible for people to find your blog. Bluehost will make it easy to access readers in your family blogging site as they are recommended by and also power over two million websites globally.

Upon visiting the Bluehost home page, click the get started now button and fill out the necessary information. It will be best for you to select the basic plan and choose the ‘.com’ domain extension, which is more popular.

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