Timeshare Exit Tips You Must Know About

If you have regrets about the timeshare purchase you made recently and you are wondering how to get out of it, we will show you how.

To increase your chances of success, act quickly on your regret and learn how to exit a timeshare. Timeshares have a rescission period when you can cancel your purchase without loss. State Laws dictate this period.

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You might have anywhere between three and 15 days to cancel the agreement. So, check with your state or the state where you bought the timeshare. Sellers should indicate the rescission period on your contract as laws demand.

Prepare and deliver your cancellation letter to the timeshare seller. The letter should be in an official format and include the contact details of both you and the seller, plus all transaction details about your purchase.

If the rescission period has passed, you will need to find a new owner to buy your timeshare. With this arrangement, you don’t get any money back, but you get yourself out of a tight spot.


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