The Importance of After School Sports

After-school programs contribute greatly to the positive development of children in diverse ways. Children between the ages of six and twelve who engage in after school sports possess better self-esteem, have better social relationships, learn easily, and have fun. The YouTube video “Engaging Children in After School Programs” delves into the benefits of enrolling children in after-school programs.

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Enrolling children in after school programs engages them actively in positive activities, thereby causing them to get into less trouble and improving their mental acuity. To build the ideal child-friendly space for after-school programs, parents or instructors must strive to build relationships with the children. Creating relational bonds with children enables an instructor or parent to learn each child’s behavioral peculiarities, which promotes better interactions with them.

It’s also essential that children understand what’s expected of them right from the get-go. Children feel safe and tend to perform better when their expectations are outlined. After-school programs should also be designed to encourage kids to express themselves and use their strengths or gifts. This can be achieved by dividing the program into different interest groups while creating challenges that push the children into being the best version of themselves.


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