Three Reasons Your Bedding Should be Organic

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Your bed sheets are likely of the last things you think about in a day: or your sleepwear, or your bathrobes. Those are things a lot of us just live with without paying much attention to. But you might want to think about your sleeping textiles more than you do, and here’s why:

They Affect Your Sleep

42% of American adults are failing to get the amount of sleep they need every day, which is a recommended seven to nine hours per night. If that’s you, you’re probably wondering whether something like organic robes or organic bed sheets actually have much to do with the amount of rest you get.

The answer is yes! When the National Sleep Foundation did their Bedroom Poll, they found that 85% of us rate comfortable sheets and bedding as important to getting good sleep. And few things are more comfortable than a nice set of organic king sheets or the right pair of pajamas.

Even a bathrobe is important. For one thing, quite a few people actually sleep in their robes and should consider how the quality of their robe helps with sleep. But even if you don’t sleep in your robe, there’s something about the ritual of putting on warm, cozy organic robes that makes us feel relaxed and pampered before bed.

Organic is Better for Everyone

You likely spend at least seven hours a day in your bed. If you have an infant, he or she is sleeping 10.5 to 18 hours a day: mostly in bed. Considering the amount of time we spend touching our bedding and sleepwear. It’s worth getting that organic bedding set.

Why? Regular bedding manufacturers use some pretty serious chemicals to produce things like wrinkle-free sheets, which you can avoid with organic products. Organic baby products and organic sheets also cut down on the likelihood of developing allergies. The same holds true for your robes and towels, too. And the bedding just feels better, because the cotton is softer when it hasn’t been exposed to harsh chemicals.

You Get Better Quality and Biodegradability

When you get regular cotton sheets, the process of harvesting the cotton allows the cotton to mix with the oils and seeds of the plant. Those things must be removed from the finished product, and harsh chemicals are used to do that.

Organic farmers don’t do this, and their cotton hasn’t been through any harsh process to make it fit to use. Organic textiles also break down naturally and are pretty tough to begin with. Take organic robes, for instance. Once your robe is too old to wear, it is completely biodegradable; unlike your old one.

Investing in organic bedding products is a great way to feel more comfortable, to avoid exposure to hard chemicals, and to ensure we’re doing what’s best for our family and our planet.

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