4 of the Most Common Causes of Breathing Difficulties

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Many people are afflicted with breath problems each year in the United States. It’s wise to seek out convenient care treatment when dealing with breathing problems. Convenient care combines both elements or emergency and urgent care. A recent study conducted by Milliman found that anywhere between 44 to 65% of all ER visits could have been effectively treated within an urgent care clinic. It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed while having difficulty breathing. Considering that, here are four common causes of breathing difficulties.

  1. Heightened Anxiety

    People who experience anxiety are known to experience breathing difficulties. It’s common for breathing problems to be accompanied by a panic attack. Someone experiencing a panic attack can have symptoms including dizziness, shakiness, and breathing difficulties. Many people take daily medications in order to relieve the symptoms of anxiety in an urgent care setting. In fact, nearly 20,000 physicians practice in the field of Urgent Care Medicine with this number growing as time goes on.
  2. Asthma Attacks

    Asthma is a condition that affects your airways. Common symptoms of asthma include having problems breathing deeply, coughing, and wheezing. In many cases, a medical professional will diagnose someone to determine if they have asthma. It’s wise to have an asthma attack treated in a convenient care setting. Visiting a convenient care center allows you to have the option of both emergency and urgent care. Statistics show that nearly 60% of urgent care facilities have a wait time that is under 15 minutes to seek a qualified care provider.
  3. Allergic Reactions

    Many people live with allergies that they must deal with throughout the year. Unfortunately, certain foods or situations can cause someone to experience an allergic reaction. These reactions can range from mild to extremely severe. One of the major signs that someone is experiencing an allergic reaction is if they’re having trouble breathing. If you or someone around you is having breathing problems, it’s wise to bring them into a convenient care facility.
  4. Smoking Cigarettes

    If you’re wondering how to treat shortness of breath, you’ll want to stop smoking in the event that you’re a smoker. Quitting smoking drastically reduces bouts of breathing difficulties as well as reducing your risk of developing heart disease. There are many types of treatment that are effective at helping people quit their addiction to cigarettes. It’s wise to ask a medical professional which type of treatment they recommend in order to help you stop smoking.

To summarize, there are several types of conditions or situations that can cause someone to experience breathing difficulties. It’s wise to have breathing difficulties treated in a convenient care setting which is similar to urgent and ER care without the wait. People living with heightened anxiety can experience breathing difficulties, often as the result of a panic attack. In some situations, those who are asthmatic can suffer from asthma attach which cause breathing problems. Certain conditions can cause someone to have breathing troubles directly related to an allergic reaction. If you are a current smoker, quitting smoking can drastically reduce breathing problems.

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