Smart Sprinklers Could Be The Next Big Thing!

You have likely heard of smart homes. They have been all the rage recently. They involve connecting up a bunch of devices that can be controlled by a single device like a smartphone or tablet. Some example include smart shades and smart lights. However, the next big thing seems to be mart sprinklers.

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Landscaping companies recommend watering your yard and these smart sprinklers will make it ten times easier. Watch this video to learn more.

Some smart sprinklers work through free apps while others have panels in your house much like your heating system. A common function of smart sprinklers is being able to set a schedule for what days and times your sprinklers should activate. Some smart sprinklers have additional functionality. This could include automatically turning off during rain storms to save water. Other functions could include being able to share control of the sprinklers with different family members. Meanwhile, others may have automatic reporting features to see exactly how much water you are using. They can also send these reports to your utility company if you so choose. These smart sprinklers can really save you a nice chunk of time over the coming weeks.


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