How to Keep Your Rental Property Attractive

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If you have a rental property, you probably already understand how important it is to make it stand out in a way that will attract the renters you?re looking for. If you?re unsure about rental property furniture, here are a few suggestions for making your property attractive and valuable.

  • Consider Getting An Agency To Help Real estate agencies are often in touch with what renters are looking for. They?re also able to advise you on commercial dining furniture, point you to a furniture wholesaler, or help you find the loveseat or other condo furniture that will attract the renters you?re hoping for.
  • Consider The Statistics Outdoor furniture, for example, is highly popular. It has been estimated in a recent study that America?s demand for outdoor furniture and grills will go up by 3.7% every year. That means by 2019 it will reach an estimated $9.1 billion. That tells you something about what people want and can point you in the direction of commercial outdoor furniture or other rental property furniture.
  • Keep Your Rental Up-To-Date The most important thing for attracting renters is clean furniture, followed by condo furniture that looks relatively stylish. You don?t have to look for new rental property furniture every year, but if you go with items that are too avant-garde, you?re liable to end up with a rental that looks dated very quickly.
  • Make It Feel Like A Home A few personal touches make a place seem much more inviting. You might find a factory wholesale outlet that has a few quiet, unique pieces that lend character to your rental. Hang some pictures on the walls, add a few decorative pillows to the couch, or include some books and magazines for guests to use.
  • Modernize If you?ve had a property for a while, it can be easy to remain satisfied with the rental property furniture you initially put in. You might be unaware how dated the place is looking. Have a look at available resort furniture and hotel furniture to get ideas about what?s popular now. And don?t forget to provide TVs, a DVD player, and wifi or cable internet.
  • Make Sure Your Kitchen Invites The kitchen is a very important place for some vacationers and having one that is well stocked and ready for cooking will attract more renters. You?ve probably already thought of things like a microwave and coffee maker, but don?t forget filters for the coffee maker, flatware for 10-12 people, and implements like wooden spoons, spatulas, measuring cups, and a whisk. You?ll also need kitchen towels, sponges, and dish detergent. Many renters will also appreciate it if you stock the unit with basics like salt and pepper, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and plenty of garbage bags.
  • Keep An Eye On Things It?s essential that you be aware of the state of your property. You can get a real estate company or a family member to help with this, but occasionally you?d be wise to do it yourself. Look for unexpected broken things, like a cabinet door or a faucet. Make sure everything is clean and that there?s enough gas for any grills you have. Make sure all the rental property furniture is in good shape.

Rental property can be a great investment, but it does require work to maintain. Make the most of your investment with the right wholesale furniture, good amenities, and an inviting look.

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