How Outdoor Walkways Can Spruce Up Any Backyard

Outdoor walkways are beautiful additions to anyone’s garden or backyard. If you are looking to spruce up your home for a sale, or just to give your backyard a new look, you might want to think about putting one in! There are so many different outdoor walkway designs to choose from, from those that look sleek and chic to those that are a little more majestic looking for a fairy garden. Combined with backyard water features, landscape lighting, and landscape planting, you can have a whole new look in your backyard in just a little while (and on a budget!).

1. Light it up

One of the coolest ways to make an outdoor walkway stand out is by placing solar powered lights along the sides! They can be in globe shapes, butterflies, flowers, etc., but they will look so magical at night! You can also opt to use rope lights around the outer edges of your outdoor walkway. This is especially pretty during the holiday months, when you can use different colored lights along the sides and even have them twinkle or chase!

2. Make a magical fairy garden

Another ways outdoor walkways can be used to spruce up a backyard is by making using them to transform your backyard into a magical fairy garden! Opting for a rock outdoor walkway (which you can make for cheap!) or by just placing some interested, mismatched tiles in the back to create a path, can look amazing. This is especially true if you have interesting flora in your backyard, as well as a pond or fountain. Add some angel or fairy accents and some cute fairy lights or solar lights, and you will be good to go!

3. They are inexpensive (but look great!)

You can easily make an outdoor walkway for less than $40 by following a DIY tutorial! Outdoor walkways can either be professional designed or you can make them yourself. There are many landscape project ideas you can find around the web. The decision is what kind of materials you would like to use! Think about the look you are going for and then either call in a professional service to help you bring it to life, or do plenty of research on which material is best to achieve you desired look.

What ideas do you have for making a backyard look great? Let us know in the comments below!

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