Five Marks the Best Day Schools Share

Every parent is interested in providing their child with the best advantage possible in life. The advantages of attending private schools are fairly well known. Approximately one quarter of all of America’s schools are private schools, and while student apathy is a problem that 21% of public school teachers complain about, only 4% of teachers working in the private sector find this to be an issue. The national average for private school SAT scores is 1235, far higher than the national average of 1060. There is no doubt that a private high school or elementary school could be a great choice for your child’s future, but what are the characteristics you should look for in the best day schools?

The Best Day Schools Have a Healthy Mix of Teachers

No school should ever have only veteran or only new teachers. If all the teachers are young and inexperienced, your child will not be getting the best education. Furthermore, it’s possible that veteran teachers haven’t stayed with the school because there’s something wrong with it. At the same time, if the school is not attracting any new teachers the school is not benefiting from the fired up, innovative attitude that new teachers bring to the game. Veteran teachers provide the stability, experience, and wisdom that get things done. New teachers provide the motivation, innovation, and attitude that spurs on positive change.

The Best Day Schools Have Staff With Good Attitudes

When you enter a school, the first thing that you notice is the staff. If the front office is full of people with a welcoming and helpful attitude, the school and its leadership probably values you. Rude and dismissive office staff have to make you wonder whether the whole administration has that sort of attitude. If the staff are not approachable, look for another school where the office staff are friendly and helpful.

The Best Day Schools Have a Principal with the Right Attitude

It’s not just the front office staff you should be concerned about. You’ll probably meet the principal before you put your child in any school, and his or her attitude is also very important. A principal needs to be open, innovative, and encouraging. The principal shouldn’t talk smack about anyone, whether it be a former principal, current teachers, or other parents. He or she should also be supportive of teachers while not holding them back.

The Best Day Schools Have Healthy Office Politics

Every place of work has its share of drama and its politics. Each different department within the school is interested improving its resources and situation. There is usually a seniority system in place that gives priority to older and more experienced teachers in terms of who attends conferences, time off for various issues, and who has to do the “unpleasant” tasks. It may be hard for you as an incoming parent to feel out the political situation within the school, but some warning signs are teachers or department heads constantly complaining about other areas of the school or other teachers. Look for schools with a healthy attitude where everyone is interested in putting the students first and doing the best job they can of imparting knowledge.

The Best Day Schools Focus on Students

After all, the best private education is there to serve students. There should be a system of core values in place which the school can point you to and which are clear and direct. These should be values that everyone from the principal, to the teachers, to the office staff, to each individual student is expected to respect. School values should be built around the concept that the school is there first and foremost to help students.

The best day schools empower their faculty, demonstrate a good attitude, value their students, and exist to promote learning and growth among all who come through the hallways. As you look for the right school for your children, don’t forget to look for these indications that you have found one of the best day schools available.

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