Home Exterior Improvements Offer a Number of Benefits to a Home’s Value

When it comes time to look for a house, many potential buyers find themselves tempted by the interior, the number of bathrooms, and how many cars can fit in the garage. The reality of these purchases, however, is that there are many more important exterior factors that determine the value of a home. In fact, roofing and siding, windows and doors are features that will determine the integrity of home. In fact, real estate agents are quick to point out to their clients when a a new home has been installed. Likewise, it is equally encouraging when a potential home has just gotten new windows.

If you already own a home then you likely know the importance of finding reliable and qualified roofers when yours is in need of repair or replacement. And if you are tired of spending too much money on your energy bills, the decision to invest in new window installation will pay big dividends. In fact, the return on investment (ROI) for windows is one of the highest that is available. Inside a home, the ROI on bathrooms and kitchens bring the highest rewards.

Roofers and Other Contractors Offer Important Services to Many Customers

Roofers install a wide range of different products that are available at many price points. In spite of all the varieties that are available, the weather where you live is often one of the factors that determines which one is the best. Likewise, there are also come neighborhoods that are part of home owner associations that enforce certain rules limiting roofing materials. In fact, some of these covenants also regulate the kinds of colors that can be used as house paint.

Finding the right house is a monumental task that requires doing more than just looking inside a house. It also requires careful attention to exterior features like roofs, windows, doors, and siding. Fortunately, by working with the right roofers and other contractors can help their clients select the right materials and to make sure that they are properly installed.
consider some of these facts and figures about the roofing industry and the other sectors that not only add to the value of a home, but also contribute to the economy of the nation:

  • Present in most homes built before the mid-1990s, single-pane glass windows are hugely energy inefficient and allow heating and cooling dollars to literally fly out the window and noises to cascade inside.
  • Fortunately, replacing standard windows with energy efficient windows and doors that meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Star program lowers energy bills by as much as 7% to 15%, according to www.energystar.gov.
  • Composite siding like fiber cement, or a mix of wood pulp and cement, combines the performance of masonry and requires minimal upkeep. these products are rot-free, termite-free, and fire-proof, as well as being unaffected by wind or cold. In appearance, these products look like painted wood clapboards, shingles, or sometimes stone or brick.
  • Roofing experts estimate that the life of any new roof will be cut by as much as 20% if those new products are installed on top of the existing roof.
  • Costing more initially, vinyl siding is a time efficient choice for many home owners because this product is low maintenance, and does not even require painting.
  • Fiber cement has to be installed at least two inches above steps, decks, and roofs, and at least six inches above grade to make sure that their is reduced water absorption.

The decision to purchase a home is often the biggest investment that most people will make. For this reason, it is important to make sure that you are getting the most home for your money. Once purchased, following through with all of the maintenance that is required is especially important. In addition to adding to the value of your home by paying down your home loan, it is also important to make sure that you add to the overall value by making wise upgrades. Energy efficient windows and doors and maintenance free roofing and siding are some of the biggest and best exterior improvements that you can make. Wise decisions make sense.

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