Home And Family Updates During COVID-19

While we are all stuck inside anyways due to Covid-19, it’s likely you’ve started to see your house under a different lens. With that comes to light all the things you wish you had done differently when you built your home, or the updates you wanted to make when you first moved in that you were too busy or too broke to ever do. Hopefully now, with a few less expenses and a lot more time on your hands, the home and family life updates and renovations can begin.

It’s entirely possible that over the weeks you’ve begun to notice just how much dirtier it seems to be at all times now with kids, adults, and pets alike being stuck in one place. With kids and pets tracking in mud and dirt from outside, dirt removal from your floors and carpets is likely necessary. Moreover, grab those kids, give them some paper towels and 409, and send them to each room of the house. You’ll be glad you did. Not only will the house be that much cleaner, but you’ll have had a moment to yourself, which is rare these days. As the home and family life routines you were all once used to have changed as the circumstances outside do, it would make sense that they do indoors then, too.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the epicenter of a home. It’s where you go to ease your hunger or thirst, where you go when you’re just bored and want something to munch on, and the room in which labor and love go hand in hand in providing nourishment for the family. As we wait for the days to pass until we can return to restaurants and shopping centers and even work, the days seem to be counted by the meals we eat. How to pass the time between meals has become one of the biggest concerns for those out of work. You probably spend more time in your kitchen than you think you might. You’ve also probably noticed just how much dirtier it is now with everyone eating just because they’re bored.

But how is your kitchen countertop holding up with all that use? Is it time to replace your old-school Formica countertops from the ’90s with those fancy granite slabs you’ve always wanted? It seems there is never enough space for all the bills and miscellaneous papers to live on the countertops alongside each meal preparation. It may very well be a good idea to expand your kitchen countertops or consider adding an island in for more workspace.

How about your kitchen cabinets? With so many dishes being constantly in use, you’ve likely realized you have less space than you thought. Maybe the more you look at them the more you realize they haven’t been updated since you moved in, and a fresh coat of paint is all you need to change things up. Or perhaps you need a bigger, nicer update entirely to keep along with the changing pace of things, and you decide to replace the cabinet doors with the aesthetic of cabinet shelves. Whatever it may be, it’s important to consider what updates make this time of separation more bearable.

It’s possible your dishwasher may need to be updated as we spend more time isolated in our homes. Or adding an extra fridge and freezer in your garage or basement to help store foods as we limit our time in grocery stores. Keeping at least a two week stock of food supplies is an important move to make so not to be going to the store multiple times a week. Perhaps it’s even time for a new coffee maker so you’re positive the brew is as strong as can be, cause we all know we need that. As your home and family life changes around the virus, it may be time to update some appliances as well as they frequent more use now.

The Office

While those with jobs able to be worked remotely are all figuring out how to work from home, each room in the house with a desk or remote resemblance of workspace has been turned into a home office. Perhaps you already had one room in the house designated for work, however now, it’s likely you need multiple. And aside from just a table or desk to set your laptop on, you also need to be able to separate yourself from the rest of the home so not to disrupt meetings and your own focus.

This change in the home and family life dynamic is probably the singlehanded most abrupt change that has happened inside the house. The need for quiet, organized space is not always so easily found. Especially for people who prefer to work someplace other than where they live or at least not in their bedroom. Not only do many households have multiple people working throughout the workweek, but if you have children as well, they will need a guided space in which they have access to their online school work. And if your children are young, parents are learning how to be full-time workers and teachers at the same time. Depending on your situation, this time of altered work and learning space can have a big impact on our lives.

The Roof

Maybe you have noticed the shingles on your roof fading or peeling as another winter comes to an end and spring cleaning proceeds. Although your roof may need maintenance, it’s not always necessary to hire roof repair services from a roofing company. Your home and family life routines prior to Covid-19 may very well have suggested hiring somebody to take care of it for you, which can be a very smart decision to make. But should you have the time, like many of us do now, and the ability to manage such a task, repairing your roof can be done on your own.

While we are stuck at home, if you are careful and know what you’re doing, roofing can be a very achievable, yet time-consuming task to do on your own. Granted, you’re not afraid of heights, you have a ladder that reaches, and you’re fairly balanced. If the wood beneath the shingles is intact, all you have to do is replace the old shingles with the new, should you have more than two layers of shingles already. Should there only be one layer of shingles, you don’t even have to replace it. You can just add the new shingles on top of the previous, making the process that much simpler. While a level of danger is involved, this could be a learning and bonding experience for any moms or dads out there eager enough to take on the challenge with kids old enough to be safe.

And while it may seem like you’ve had your fill of bonding time lately, when this is over and our hectic lives are able to resume, even slowly at first, you will miss this time we all spent with our families. Roughly 62% of people report feeling grateful for their children and family. Taking advantage of any quality time with your kids or spouse will likely not be one of your regrets later in life.

The Bathrooms

It’s likely the bathrooms in your house have received the most damage in terms of cleanliness and likely the least amount of attention to remedy it. Sinks, countertops, the toilet, and the shower are critical to keep clean and updated. New mirrors are a quick and easy way to spice up the bathroom, along with simple wall decor like picture frames or even simpler like candles. Should you be itching for an even easier way to update your bathroom, a new shower curtain can go a long way. Replacing these countertops and cabinets like done in the kitchen may also bring a nice change of pace to your rooms. Especially if you use the same materials to update, matching countertops throughout the house will give a nice sense of sameness to tie the rooms together.

The bathrooms are also going to be hotspots for germs to collect as they are so frequently used. Sanitizing door, cabinet, and toilet handles along with soap dispensers is a sure-fire way to ensure the cleanliness of each person using the bathroom. In addition, rotating out towels and inner shower curtains can also help to this effect. Routine cleanliness is more important than ever now that we are in such close quarters. Even simply cleaning the shower is something that can be done easily while you’re bathing in there already. Similarly, while you brush your teeth, quickly spraying and wiping out the sink can easily be accomplished. Not only is staying on top of cleaning important for basic hygiene and COVID related reasons, but it can also be a huge stress reliever to know your surfaces are clean and organized.

The Outdoors

For a lot of people, the outdoor ground they own holds endless options. Home and family life can more easily revolve around time outdoors as the weather gets nicer and nicer. Do you have an awning, a fence, a pool, or a shed? Any combination of them all? With pets around, wood fences are easy to build, update, and largely effective in keeping your pets from wandering too far away, especially if you have a dog. If you’re taking this time and nice weather as an opportunity to make your own, fence supplies are relatively cheap and easily available. With one trip to an open hardware store, you’ll have everything you need to build or update your fence. Should you be painting, the kids might enjoy this task, too.

As summer quickly approaches, the home and family life routines you’ve become accustomed to will shift to accommodate the nice weather, especially after months of quarantine in cold weather, limiting activities to indoors. As such, one example of how home and family life can change in the weeks leading up to June is that June marks the perfect time to start your swimming pool cleaning routine. While you’re working on the deck to ensure some sunshine in your day, having a clean pool to jump in and refresh yourself could be imperative to focusing on work, especially if you’re home doesn’t have air conditioning. This may also keep your kids out your hair for a while, which could be very helpful in completing work.

In addition, with kids comes toys. If you’re a family with a dog, it’s likely your groomer is closed. That said, dog grooming can be difficult depending on the type of dog you have. Some dogs need their fur to be shaved and shaped monthly so to avoid mats that would be painful. Others require little to no grooming at all. It’s a good rule of thumb to at least wash and brush your dog with appropriate shampoo and brushes monthly in an attempt to keep their coat clean and healthy.

Are your kids old enough to ride a bike, skateboard, or rollerblade around your driveway or block? Or are they still learning how to ride a bike? Or have you maybe gained some weight this quarantine and are in need of exercise? If you’re taking your bike out of the shed or garage for the first time this year, it’s almost guaranteed that your tires will be flat or some type of bike repairs will be required. Should your home and family life change during quarantine from a life too busy for exercise to one where exercise is included and/or necessary for your health, biking is something that the whole family can typically do.

It’s not surprising that during this time of isolation our lives are going to start to look different, even just within the home. But that doesn’t mean this has to be a bad thing. Embrace the change and uncertainty that comes with this time, and use it to create or update something beautiful within your home and family life.

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