Hiring Professionals for Your Roof and Siding

A house is a large and expensive investment, and naturally, nearly every homeowner in the United States will invest money and time in keeping their property in good shape. This often working on the outdoor hardware such as replacing an old and drafty front door, roof repair or replacement, new window installation, and even replacing the siding. Many commercial contractors can be found today who are ready and willing to send crews who can make these repairs and upgrades on a client’s house. These commercial contractors often have their own websites that homeowners may visit ahead of time for reference, and the staff at a local hardware store may also know some reliable commercial contractors in the area. When these commercial contractors are hired, what can they do?

Roof Repair

A concerned homeowner may realize that their roof has leaks, and intruding rain water can be a real problem. Leaking water will rot and expand wood in the attic, and it will foster mold growth. Leaking water may also stain and damage drywall, and it will short out and damage electrical components in the walls. Leaking water may also pool in the basement, damaging items and causing more mold growth. A homeowner may hire roofing experts to visit the property and fix and replace the tiles as needed to seal those leaks. Those contractors may also apply liquid rubber coats that will seal up any holes or cracks and prevent new ones from forming. Roofers may also remove intruding squirrels and seal up the holes that those squirrels chewed in the attic.

In extreme cases, the roof might be removed and replaced with an entire new one. This may be done if the old roof was badly damaged in a storm and cannot function as a roof anymore, or if the roof is very old and leaks so much that repairs would cost more than replacing the whole thing. A new roof may be a metal model that won’t easily crack or develop leaks. Such roofs can also endure strong winds and debris, and they last longer than asphalt shingle roofs do, making them a fine investment.


A house’s siding may need some maintenance or updating every so often. The most common siding materials include vinyl (low maintenance) and lightweight), cedar (high maintenance but tough and attractive), and brick (expensive but attractive). If a home buyer purchases an old house, they may want to hire siding crews to remove the damaged or ugly old siding and put on fresh materials, and doing so may also improve the house’s insulation. Cedar may need regular finishing and sealant to maintain its integrity, and a homeowner may regularly hire local contractors to take care of this. In other cases, though, a homeowner may opt for vinyl siding, which is low maintenance and comes in a wide variety of colors. Such siding may not stand up well against violent weather such as a hurricane or tornado, however.

Windows and Doors

Very old and worn out windows and doors are a problem on multiple levels. They are a security issue, and they are easy for burglars and intruders to break into since they’re fragile and don’t fit well in their frames. These old windows and doors also admit a lot of air drafts since they don’t fit well in their frames, and that constantly leaking air disrupts the home’s climate control. That will force the house’s air conditioner or heater to keep turning back on, and that will use up a lot of extra electricity all the while. Old window and doors might also simply be unattractive, and may feature termite damage, chipped paint, stains, scratches, and more. This will make a bad impression on home buyers when the property is put up for sale.

Window and door replacement crews can be hired to fix all this. Once on the site, they will remove old doors and windows from their frames, measure those frames, and consult the homeowner on what sort of replacement hardware should be put in. New doors and windows fit well and don’t have drafts, and they’re much more difficult for intruders to force their way through. New doors and windows are also attractive and will impress home buyers.

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