Four Good Reasons to Donate Used Clothing

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Four good reasons to donate used clothing
Donating used clothing is the environmentally friendly choice
Donate, don’t discard! Keeping clothing and household items out of landfills

Most people would like to be able to make charitable donations but in these difficult economic times, it can be hard to find the extra cash. One good way of helping families in need and charities for wounded soldiers is by donating used clothes, household goods and toys. You may no longer need these, but they will be valued by someone else. In fact giving children in need clothing is one of the most thoughtful and caring gestures you can make. Your daughter’s red winter coat, the one she’s outgrown, will keep another child warm.

  1. Clothing donations are an environmentally friendly choice
    When you choose to donate clothes and household goods, you’re not just making a caring decision. It’s also an environmentally friendly choice, keeping tons of material out of landfills. Whatever their condition, almost 100% of all clothing a household linens can be reused and recycled.
    Even though clothing can be donated and reused, Americans only donate about 15% of their old clothes and household linens. Instead, they discard 10.5 million tons of clothing each year. This discarded clothing makes it way to already overflowing landfills. If, on the other hand, used clothing is donated, as much as 45% will be worn again as secondhand clothing. So take a good look at your closet, and if you find any items you haven’t worn in six months or longer, think about donating them to charity. For parents and children in need clothing is one of the best and most practical forms of help.
  2. Your charitable donation is tax deductible
    Another advantage to donating used clothing and household goods to a reputed charity instead of sending them to the landfill is that the donations are tax deductible. It might not seem like much, but the value can quickly add up. For example, men’s suits and coats can be worth a $60 tax write-off, and a coffee maker is reasonably accepted as being worth $4 to $15 as a tax write-off.
    That’s why it makes sense to donate to a group with tax-exempt status under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. But you should remember to hold on to your receipts, which will be needed for any donation worth $250 or more.
  3. Good deeds are catching
    Another good reason to donate is that kindness is actually catching. Your charitable donation may well have a snowball effect and inspire others to do the same. Good deeds are infectious, and hearing about another’s charitable action prompts people to one of their own. Given the power of social media, the effects of one good deed can set off a flood of kindness. A large majority, or 70% of social media users say that seeing a post by a friend about making a charitable donation would inspire them to take a similar action in response.
  4. Your donations are put to good use
    Many charities convert donations of clothing and household items into cash to support programs that support good causes: education, veterans, the blind and environmental causes. For families and children in need clothing, household items and toys can have great value. And you can be sure that your used items are being put to good use instead of moldering away in landfills.

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