Find the Best School For Your Child

Parents are always deeply invested in the education of their children, since a good education is the key to that child’s future success. Often, parents may start their children’s education even before they start kindergarten, and preschool is a popular option today. Many preschools, some of them being private preschools, can be found across the United States and enrollment has risen strongly ever since 1990. When a family moves to a new area or when their child first becomes old enough for preschool, the parents may use any personal references that they have, along with an online search, to find the best preschools in their area. For residents of Coral Gables, Florida, a search such as “preschool coral gables” is a fine start, and “preschool coral gables” may also be searched with the client’s ZIP code to further refine the search.

Finding the Best Preschool

There are plenty of preschools for parents to choose from, and statistics show that many millions of American parents are sending their children to early education across the nation. Back in 2012, for a recent example, the percentage of three and four-year-olds enrolled in pre-primary schools, at 41% and 66% respectively, was much higher than that of 1990, being 33% and 56% respectively. What is more, in 2017 the percentage of American children enrolled in preschool programs was higher for five-year-olds than four-year-olds, at 86% vs 68%. Children as young as three may be sent to preschool, but an older child is more likely to be sent to preschool.

As mentioned above, parents may use an online search to find good preschools in their area, public or private, if they do not already have personal references that they can use from reliable friends and family. An online search for local preschools may involve the client’s home city or town or their ZIP code, such as “preschool coral gables” or “good private preschool coral gables”. This may show a whole list of local preschools of the desired type that the parents may choose from. Schools deemed too far to visit may be struck off the list, along with those that aren’t accepting new students anyway. Meanwhile, the parents and their children alike may visit those other schools in person to evaluate them.

At these schools, the parents may interview the staff and consult them to see the teachers’ qualifications, experience, educational background, and other qualifications or even awards and recognition. The parents may also get a solid impression of the premises and see how well funded it is and which particular programs or activities are offered for the young students. The child, meanwhile, won’t ask anyone for their qualifications but will get their own impression of the school, the staff, and the current students. If the child feels comfortable and relaxed there, and if they get along with the staff, that can be taken as a good sign and that school may be a strong candidate. The parents may visit several different preschools before they choose one where they will enroll their child(ren).

Finding Middle or High Schools

Preschool is not actually compulsory, but a K-12 education certainly is, and if parents move to a new area or their child is ready for kindergarten, they may use a similar process to find a good school. The difference here is that the child will be old enough to articulate his or her preferences in a school and whether or not they like a school that they visit, such as middle or even high schools. What might they look for? As with preschools, parents will consult a school’s staff to see their qualifications and teaching methods, and check into the school’s funding. The prospective student, meanwhile, may explain why they do or do not like a school, and may be looking for particular clubs or programs such as a good soccer or basketball team, musical band, art programs, a cheerleader squad, or even a debate team. A good school is one where the student is able to get along with their peers and make friends, and they will be properly challenged by the coursework without being overwhelmed or underwhelmed. A good high school will offer college counseling services, and private high schools in particular will do that.

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