Everything You Need to Know About Amish Furniture

The Amish are known for their handmade wooden furniture. From large sheds to dog kennels, they make all kinds of items. Their pieces first started getting attention back in the 1920s during the “discovery” of American folk art, with great value being placed on the quality and overall beauty of the furniture. They have only grown in popularity since then and are now a great option for purchasing beautiful, custom furniture that will make your home look gorgeous.

How Is It Made?

Amish furniture is completely hand made. It is usually crafted from wood such as cherry, oak, walnut, hickory, or maple, and can take about eight weeks to finish. If you’re ordering a custom piece it may take a while to get to you, but that is because it’s being crafted with care by hand.

Can You Order Online?

You can order this handmade wooden furniture online, but it will take a while to get to you. You can expect to wait up to 16 weeks for it to show up. This is because it will take time to build, and due to its size it takes more time to transport. However, you are trading wait time for wonderful quality.

What Can You Order?

You can order just about anything when you shop through an Amish furniture business. You can get gazebos, chicken coops, tables and chairs, and so much more. Plus, it’s likely that if it is not listed on the website you can call and put in a custom order. The benefit of everything being made by hand is that they can create a special piece just for you so long as you’re willing to pay the price and wait for it to be finished.

Is It Worth It?

While this is a matter of opinion, it’s pretty safe to say that investing in Amish furniture is worth it. It is sturdy, beautifully made, and made from quality materials. Also, it’s possible to get it through a rent to own program if you can’t afford to buy a piece outright. If you want furniture that will last you for a long time and look amazing on your property, this is a great option.

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