Consider All of the Benefits of Preschool For Your Child!

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What are the benefits of preschool?
If you have a child soon to be reaching the age of three, you are probably considering preschool. If your child is currently in some type of organized daycare, you would wonder what are the comparisons of a structured daycare to a preschool program. What if your child is currently in a home daycare center. Perhaps you don’t work outside the home and so you are providing care for your child.

Consider the options as well as the benefits of each option
As your child reaches the age of eligibility for preschool, usually at three years old, your child can be enrolled in preschool. If you consider this option, you will need to know how to find a preschool. Do you only consider the schools within your public schools district? In choosing the best preschool, you may want to look into private schools.

First look at the benefits of preschool.
When a child attends preschool, he or she can experience the school atmosphere. The child learns the concept of a teacher to guide the day. The children learn to meet other children to learn how to socialize with others outside of their current family or friends. Preschool helps a child be more acclimated or ready for kindergarten when that time comes. Preschool also provides the beginning academic concepts so children already know how to name and perhaps print the alphabet. These are just a few of the benefits of preschool.

After you decide that the benefits of preschool indicate it is the best choice for your child, you will need to decide which preschool to enroll your child. How do you go about finding a good preschool?

Did you know that private preschools and childcare centers account for approximately 30% of the country’s three and four year olds who are enrolled in a preschool or childcare programs outside the home?

Private schools have many benefits for children and parents. Private schools are usually smaller so your child is not lost in a multitude of other children. Class sizes are smaller so each teacher can give more attention to each child. Many private schools have a religious affiliation; therefore most private school students, about 80%, attend schools where the philosophy is centered in that religious setting. In choosing a private preschool, consider this aspect. A private school based on a religious affiliation will typically incorporate these aspects also into the social and activity based school programs in hopes of providing the child with a strong academic accomplishment as well as a strong moral basis.

Remember to research the teachers!
Looking at the benefits of preschool, and consideration of private schools, it is important to find out about the teaching staff and the academic program. You should do research on the teaching staff to ensure their credentials. You can research the rating of the school. Many private schools have outstanding academic programs and ratings that exceed those of the public school system. You can verify to ensure there are not any complaints lodged against the teachers, administrators or the school.

Private schools, including private preschools, are located throughout the country. In the United States, approximately 5.3 million preschool to high school grade 12 students attend the 30,861 private schools that exist today. Private schools with preschool programs are located around the country. Think about the benefits of preschool and determine if this is correct move for your family.

There is a cost for tuition associated with most private schools. However as you think about the benefits of preschool as well as the benefits of private schools, you will need to weigh the pros and cons of attending private schools versus the public school. If you believe you cannot economically afford a private school, you can check with the school you are considering. Many private schools have financial assistance or scholarship programs for students who want to attend the school but believe they may not be able to afford the cost.
What are you waiting for? Now is the time to do the research!
Your child is reaching school age. Now Is the time to think about the benefits of preschool!

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