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Does Your Family Struggle with Storage Issues Because You Have Too Many Things?

There were life jackets under benches; pots and pans inside cupboards; and fresh fruit inside tupperware. A clever combination of in home storage solutions and sailing boat ingenuity, the captain of the 12 hour excursion seemed to have everything, including a metal drinking mug labeled captain.
Your family has taken many short trips and longer vacation in the past, and you have often use the sharing economy as a way to book places to stay. For this 17 day trip to Greece, however, you were branching out. In addition to booking accommodations, you were also scheduling a few experiences. On this one, you met your selected sailor at a grocery store near the pier. You autographed a form, he filed the paper, and you were off on a dingy trolling out to your home for the day. A medium size sailboat was waiting for you just a few minutes from the pier, and after managing your unsteady and unused sea legs you were able to climb aboard.
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