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3 Reasons to get Medical Tests Done at the Emergency Room

As much as we try to avoid them, emergency room visits are sometimes a necessary thing we have to go through. People seek 24 hour emergency care for a variety of reasons, and many of them end in imaging and labs tests to help diagnose what is causing the problem. There are a number of reasons you might need to get imagine and labs tests done at the emergency room and this article will look at three of them.

  • Stomach Pain: One reason to get medical testing done at the emergency room is if you are suffering from stomach pain. And not just typical stomach pain from the flu or from indigestion. No, the kind of stomach pain that would need medical testing is the kind that is overwhelmingly severe, a pain that’s so severe it makes you cry. This could be a sign that there’s something seriously wrong inside the stomach and imaging and labs tests might be needed to diagnose the problem Continue reading