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The Right Way to Get a Quilt Made

Even if they don’t actually own one or could make one themselves, nearly all Americans know what quilts are. These large fabric pieces can often be used as blankets, though they can also serve as decorations and hang off a rack, or even be displayed on a wall. What some Americans might not realize is that making quilts is tougher than it looks, and custom quilts are best made by experts in the craft. T-shirt quilt makers and memory quilt makers may accept commissions from customers and make custom memory quilts, often out of old clothes or other fabrics. Typically, custom memory quilts and memory quilt patterns are made from sentimental fabrics, often meant to celebrate a marriage or family, or represent a phase in a person’s lifetime. In this way, a custom memory quilt is as much a piece of art and expression as it is a simple blanket. So, what is there to know about quilts?

On Quilts

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