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what are fouta towels

What Are Fouta Towels?

Do you want to really impress guests when they visit your home? Making people feel welcome includes taking care of even the smallest details. Every area of your home that is open to visitors should have something comfortable to place them at ease. Your bathroom is no exception. What kind of hand towels do you have in your bathrooms? If they aren’t fouta hand towels then you are missing the mark. But why fouta hand towels and what exactly makes them so special? You may have heard about fouta towels in the past, but what are fouta towels? 

Fouta towels are not a brand name, like some might assume. They are a style of towel that is synonymous with luxury and comfort. Though they are known for those attributes they are still affordable. Fouta towels are a bit of luxury anyone can add to their lives. But what exactly makes them so unique?

What Are Fouta Hand Towels?

Fouta hand towels go way beyond the average terry hand towel. They are a velvety soft, flat hand towel inspired by the kinds of towels used in Turkish spas. Fouta hand towels are traditionally crafted using 100% cotton or linen, and they typically feature details such as delicate fringe. Some types even feature stylish tassels that are handcrafted and safe to be washed via washing machines. When you want hand towels that are stylish, chic and ready to be used in kitchens and bathrooms shop for fouta hand towels. They look beautiful and are also able to be used daily.

The Benefits of Using Fouta Towels

A fouta towel is also known as a peshtamal towel that is well known for its flat-woven design. They are a light towel that takes up little space. You can easily find a peshtamal towel in different sizes whether you want hand towels or bath towels. Consider using them when traveling or for trips to the beach. They roll up tightly so they can be beautifully packed. Beyond being soft and comfortable, they are easy to transport.

The Many Uses of a Peshtamal Towel

Towels are used in spas, at pool sides and for beach trips. Vivid designs and colors make the peshtamal towel more than just an absorbent towel that dries quickly; they are perfect to be used as spa style towels and accessories. How many times have you seen people wrap a towel around their waist and wear it at a spa? A peshtamal towel is also the perfect beach accessory that has already been spotted as fashion accessories on the beaches of Cannes and St. Tropez. Wear full-sized peshtamal towels like a chic cover-up, pareo or sarong and keep the hand towels nearby to cleanse your skin for a light and airy feel that is second to none.

The Luxurious Peshtamal Towel Is Very Versatile

Besides being extremely absorbent, fast-drying and beautiful, peshtamal towels are extremely versatile. They are made from some of the finest Turkish cotton and will maintain their shape and texture after being washed. Try them in a wide range of colors and mix and match them to show an array of colors within your home décor. Use luxurious fouta towels throughout your home to cover tables, end tables, furniture and in your kitchen. Once you put your mind to it, there are many ways to use this awesome product with versatile appeal.

The Most Popular Towel Around the World

The fouta towel has become one of the most popular types of towel around the world. Such an aesthetically pleasing, sleek style of towel has proven to be versatile as well as affordable no matter where you choose to use them. They are most popular for their eye-catching, fun designs that make them irresistible. Include fouta towels in every area of your home and let the fringed detail and designs bring a fun and unique air that’s also colorful to your décor. If you have been wondering what are fouta towels, now you know. That are soft, comfortable and luxurious everyday use towels. So whether you are looking for a new beach towel or a hand towel for your bathroom,