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Does Your Child Need the Academic Challenge that a Private School Can Offer? Find Out More Here

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A child’s school can be one of the most formative influences in his or her life, other than their family. They spend seven to eight hours a day under the supervision of the school and its teachers — and sometimes more, if they participate in extracurricular activities like sports or clubs. Naturally, you want your child to be enrolled in the best school possible; one that will challenge him or her academically, provide good social engagement, and be well situated to advance your child as he or she grows up. Looking at top private schools can be an excellent way to achieve these goals and these private schools go all the way — from preschool, elementary school, middle school, and high school. Parents whose children attend private schools can elaborate on the many benefits of private school and believe it’s a worthwhile investment to make.

What are the Benefits of a Private School Education?

Many parents tout the smaller classroom sizes of private schools, with an average of just over 12 students per teacher in a private school setting versus over 15 students per teacher in a public school. On average, private schools tend to be under half the size of a public school. Research shows that smaller class sizes are often linked to better behavior and better test scores, as well as a lower dropout rate and increased graduation rate.

Smaller classroom sizes also allow the teacher to tailor the curriculum more to students’ academic levels, which often tend to be closer in a smaller class setting. Around 80% of parents who send their children to a private school say that they’re happy with the academic standards that the school upholds.

According to a study by the Fraser Institute done in 2007, over 90% of parents chose private schools for their children because of the high level of dedication displayed by the teachers and over 70% cited safety as a primary reason for private school enrollment. Furthermore, NCES data shows that almost 90% of kids who attend a private high school wound up applying to college, versus just under 60% of public high school students. Academic achievement and further education is something often stressed by private schools, which will only help your child as he or she moves forward.

What Should I Look For In Top Private Schools?
There are many private schools out there, but only some top private schools. However, to narrow down your search, consider the following:

If a school specializes in a certain subject that your child excels in or that he or she actively wants to pursue, that might be something to zero in on during your search. Are there distinguished alumni and a good network that your child could take advantage of?

Some private schools take a non-traditional approach to learning, so that’s something else you need to decide on. Do you want your child to have a traditionally based curriculum or a more alternative approach to his or her education?

Of course, one of the most important things to consider when trying to choose between top private schools is how your child feels at the institution. Visiting is very important, as it lets you and your child get a feel for how the school operates.

How Can My Child Get Admitted to a Private School?

Grades certainly matter, but a strong admissions essay will go a long way, if you’re enrolling your child in a private middle or high school. Helping your child brainstorm ideas and talk about which prompt they want to write about can help foster a thoughtful and intelligent essay. The interview will also be important and making sure your child has done research on the school and can point to certain aspects of the school that he or she is excited about exploring can give them an advantage.

A private school education can often open many doors for a young person. If your child is looking for more academic stimulation and access to teachers, a private school might be the perfect way to go.