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The Best Ways to Purchase a Home

Most of our lives are fairly mundane but every now and then we’ll be called on to make a big decision. Thankfully, we don’t have to make these decisions often but, when they do arise, they can be very complicated and very stressful. There are a lot of larger things to consider when making a big purchase or a big decision and it can take weeks or even months to think through it all. A more concrete example might help to understand this idea as it can get kind of complex. Let’s look at a single woman in her late twenties living with her family in northern Colorado. Now, this woman, let’s call her Jess, is going to be moving with her family soon to another state. She’s a visual artist and sculptor who has a fair bit of money saved up in her own name but to save on rent she’s living with her parents and siblings. So, with her extra funds and maturity in relation to her siblings, she offers to help her parents find and pay for this new home. It’s a bit of an unusual situation but they accep Continue reading