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What Do You Look for in Bedsheets?

Waterproof crib sheet

When you think of waterproof sheets, you probably remember the old-school stiff-vinyl, crackly and unwieldy layers used on kids’ beds to protect the mattress underneath. They were uncomfortable to sleep on, difficult to clean and had a plasticky smell that kids hate. The new generation of waterproof sheets are completely different. Nature combined with technology gives you a smooth, natural surface that is so comfortable to sleep on that you don’t need a regular sheet on top. In cheerful colors and different sizes – for cribs, twin and waterproof fitted sheet doubles – they provide a new level of comfort and convenience.

Waterproof potty training sheets
Potty training is an anxious time for parents and kids. For parents, it can mean middle-of-the-night emergencies, when beds have to be remade quickly and kids consoled. With hypoallergenic waterproof mattress protector sheets, there’s no mess to clean up and consequently nothing for kids to feel sad or guilty about. And parents can get a good night’s sleep. They’ll need it for the next day!
The sheets are also breathable, which is good since babies and young children are highly susceptible to all kinds of rashes. Made of tender and natural fibers, they are soft and comfortable as well a highly practical. Unlike plastic mattress protectors, they’re breathable, and don’t overheat. So your kids can get a good night’s sleep even if there are any accidents.

Bedsheets should feel soft and fresh
What do people look for in bedsheets? Fresh and clean sounds good, doesn’t it? For 78% of Americans, sheets with a fresh scent actually make the idea of going to bed exciting. And about three-fourths of people feel that they sleep better on fresh-smelling sheets. Waterproof fitted sheets work as well for adults as they do for kids. They’re soft, comfortable to sleep on, all-natural and easy-care.
New technology uses cosmetic-grade zinc to make waterproof fitted sheet doubles, singles or crib-sized, as well as pillowcases. Zinc has antibacterial properties. It also helps to refresh and regenerate the skin. Zinc reduces odor, so your sheets smell fresh longer between washes. In fact, you don’t have to wash them as frequently. The zinc is incorporated into the fabric using an innovative technology and does not wash out over time.

Bedsheets should be easy-care
Waterproof fitted sheet doubles and singles as well as hypoallergenic pillow cases and crib sheets are all easy to care for. You can just toss them in the washer and dryer and they’re ready for use, smelling clean and fresh.

With new waterproof fitted sheet doubles or crib sheets, you get soft, colorful linens instead of smelly, crackly vinyl mattress protectors. We spend a third of our lived in bed, and babies even more. Choosing soft, colorful sheets that are breathable, waterproof and easy to care for is essentially an easy choice.