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Taking a Look At The World Of Video Gaming

Here in the United States, gaming is a particularly popular activity. For many people, video gaming has event transcended being just a popular activity and has become a full blown passion, a sport, and for the very lucky, even a career. The importance of video gaming cannot be underestimated, not with ten percent of the adult population claiming to play video games on a regular basis and more than one hundred and fifty people in the United States alone playing video games each and every year. The vast majority of all households in the United States – as many as eighty percent of them – have at least one video gaming console, and many such homes have even more than one.

And though many people – those who are not gamers, that is – might think of video gaming as something that is only for young children and teenagers. However, this is far from the case, and the age of the average gamer, at least in the United States, is that of thirty five years of age. After all, video games come in Continue reading