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2 Tips For Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue

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So…we heard about your engagement. Congratulations! Once you’ve finished celebrating, it’s time to get to work planning the wedding. While this task certainly comes with its own challenges and obstacles, ultimately, planning your wedding will result in a day of fun, romance, magic and memories that will last a lifetime. And of all of the aspects of planning a wedding, one of the most important components is finding a place to get married and to celebrate your reception in! Luckily, finding a wedding venue is easy and even a little bit enjoyable when you keep these three things in mind.

The Mood
Some things are certainly about a feeling. If a venue doesn’t feel right to you then guess what it’s probably not. When looking for a wedding venue, you should looking for an event venue that captures the essence of not only what you want your reception to be like, but of your relationship with your one true love. Not only will this make your special day all the more special for your and your soon to be spouse, but it will make the event more personable for your guests.

The Capacity
How many guests are you planning on having at your wedding? An average wedding will have around 136 guests. If your wedding is set to be the size of an average wedding, then you need to make sure the venue you choose can accommodate these large numbers. For example, ballrooms in Miami are perfectly fit to house such a large number of guests. However, if your wedding plans have a much smaller guest list in store, looking for wedding venues with banquet halls that are slightly smaller will be a wiser and more economic choice0. Additionally, banquet halls that are too large for a small party can seem looming and impersonal. Great references here.