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Why You Should Consider Private School Over Public School For Your Children

Private day schools are becoming more and more popular here in the United States, in all parts of the country. In fact, private day schools now make up one quarter of all of the schools in this country alone. But why have private day schools become so popular and so widely utilized. For one, many private day schools are religious and parents who are looking to provide their children with a religious education alongside their secular one often will send their child to a private school primarily for this reason. But most parents simply see that private day schools are of a better quality than the public schools in their area. From the best private elementary schools to the best private middle schools to the best private high schools, the quality of the average private day schools is typically miles above the qualities of the public schools in that same area.

This gap in quality can be seen in the teachers that were surveyed from private day schools alongside public schools on the to Continue reading