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Top 3 Reasons for Putting in That Backyard Pool

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For most people in the United States, having a pool in the backyard signals luxury. If you live in an area of the country where the weather is warm for a good portion of the year, pools can be a real source of relief when the temperatures climb. There are roughly 10.6 million pools in the United States, and if you are thinking of putting one in, you might want to consider a custom pool company for the installation.

When homeowners upgrade their outdoor spaces, they do so because they enjoy spending their time outdoors. They love the idea of having a custom pool design that goes with the design of the rest of the outdoor scheme. Homeowners get plenty of use from their outdoor spaces and are typically willing to invest in a quality custom pool so that they can entertain guests. Outdoor entertainment is growing rapidly as an industry. It was estimated to be upwards of a 7 billion dollar industry in 2015 alone.

A custom pool company in your area can help you choose between the different types of custom pools so that you can find the one that is right for you and your family. Many homeowners that choose a certain type of custom pool do so based on how they plan to entertain throughout the course of the year.

For homeowners who live in climates where the pool might not be functional all year round because of weather challenges, a custom hot tub might just be the perfect addition to the setup. Lounging in a hot tub when the temperature is cooler outside is often exciting and exhilarating. Your local custom pool company can help you determine exactly what you might need to make your pool and hot tub choices compliment each other as you upgrade your outdoor spaces.

Pools and hot tubs are wonderful for entertaining, to be sure. Children’s birthday parties and late night gatherings for the adults are always made more enjoyable with a backyard pool. But don’t forget just how great aquatic exercise can be for your health. Your custom pool company can advise you on just the right pool for entertaining that can also be utilized for exercise, as well.

Water is about 800 times denser than air, and that means that exercising in the pool can allow you to work harder in less time, maximizing your calorie burning and exercise effectiveness. Swimming burns a lot of calories and has been a form of exercise that goes back to the very beginning of human kind. Until relatively recently, however, humans have had to go to where the water is in order to get in a good swim. Now, your local custom pool company can install a pool in your yard that will allow you to get the kind of workout that you would otherwise have to go to the gym to get.