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Putting Your Used Clothes in the Right Hands

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Americans own more clothing than ever before. With a low cost of labor, materials, production, shipping, and distribution, it is much easier to buy a new t-shirt or pair of pants than any other time in the past. Americans are buying more than 20 billion pieces of clothing per year. If this were broken down into the average amount of garments purchased per American per year, it would break down such that each American was purchasing nearly 68 garments and 7 pairs of shoes per year (more than one piece of clothing a week)!

While that might sound nice — the ability to purchase more and more items nowadays than ever before, it also comes with its issues, the foremost of which are that people are throwing away more clothing than ever before too. People aren’t holding onto clothes so as much as they are throwing away old clothes and replacing them with newly bought ones. The EPA states that nearly 10 pounds worth of clothes are thrown away by each person every year, meaning there are more and more garments being tossed into landfills each year. Suffice to say, these clothes are going to waste, and it is the fault of society that this is allowed to happen.

However, there is a way that you, as an individual, can make a difference within your community. You can achieve this by firstly deciding to not throw away your old clothes and to secondly deciding to donate clothing. One location that allows for such services is the Red Cross clothes donations locations.

24/7, 365 days a year: This is the amount of time spent by the Red Cross while providing immeasurable relief for families and people at risk. One of the largest charities in the United States, the Red Cross clothes donations provided more than $687 million worth of private donations in 2014. By taking materials from generous community members who decide to donate clothes to Red Cross, they are able to take previous, used materials and give them to those that are in need, providing them with the basic living materials that fundamentally better the conditions of their lives.

Red Cross clothes donations can be accepted in a variety of ways. The most often systems for donating come either through the Red Cross pickup program, which will come to your residence to accept materials that you wish to donate, or for Red Cross donation centers, where you can stop by and donate clothing, blankets, and other necessary garments. All Red Cross clothes donations will be taken and given to those that dearly need them, meaning that you are essentially removing your clothing from your home and giving it to those that need it. Similarly, rather than ending up in a landfill with all the rest of the world’s junk, you are able to take your clothes, offer them to Red Cross clothes donations programs and put them in the hands of those extremely grateful for your generosity.

Spring Cleaning for a Cause with Red Cross Clothing Pickup

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Spring cleaning is a yearly ritual for many people. It is a perfect opportunity to evaluate what has worked in the previous year and what we want for the year to come. Starting with our clothing is a quick and easy way to really examine what makes us happy on a daily basis. Then we can make space in our lives for what we want and bless others with items they need. Red Cross clothing pickup services take the clothing donations to a central clothing donation center. This makes it easy to help others while also doing something valuable for yourself.

Rethink Your Winter Wardrobe with Red Cross Clothing Pickup

Spring is the perfect time to go through your winter wardrobe and set aside those items that simply didn?t make it into the rotation to be donated. This makes far more sense that packing them away to be not worn again next winter. Take this time to really evaluate your winter wardrobe and only keep those pieces which bring you joy and that you use on a regular basis.

Do this for every family member. It only takes one afternoon to reduce the amount of storage needed for winter clothing and the stress of having to care for items which are not loved. This is an especially valuable space saving strategy for parents. If children do not have younger siblings who may utilize the clothing next winter, simply donate all of their winter clothing they will have outgrown by the following season.

Spring Fashion Planning with Red Cross Clothing Pickup

If this is your first year of sorting and selecting clothes donations, you can also use this time to reflect on the coming season. As you bring out items for warmer weather try them on and see how well they fit, how they make you feel, and if they are still appropriate for your style and lifestyle. Any that don?t fit well, that you are reluctant to wear, or that are no longer truly reflective of where you are in your life can be added to the clothing donations.

People often purchase something that speaks to their emotional and stylistic taste in the moment. They love it and wear it for a season but when the season arrives the following year they find their preferences have changed. Feeling guilty they hold on to the items but it is better to give them to people who can love them in the moment and who will use and enjoy them.

The American National Red Cross is one of the top 20 U.S. charities when ranked by private donations. It is easy to arrange for clothes to be picked up with the Red Cross clothing pickup service. This allows you to make a tax-deductible donation for your used clothing donations, help others, and give yourself more space in your home all at the same time.