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How Folding Canes and Walking Canes Can Improve Mobility


Do you or a loved one have issues with mobility? You never want to have to worry about whether you?re going to fall and hurt yourself or that a loved one with fall when they?re alone. Take away some of that worry and stress by making sure you?re using the necessary items to stay balanced. One great way to help stay balanced when you?re moving around is with a cane for walking. Luckily, there are a variety of walking sticks to choose from that can make you more mobile and can give family peace of mind when they?re not with you.

Interested in learning more about the importance of addressing mobility issues as soon as possible? Keep reading for more information about how canes like folding canes or canes for stability can help make life easier.

Mobility Issues That Can Affect the Elderly

Unfortunately, one major issue that causes problems for the elderly has to do with their mobility. Whether you?re noticing mobility issues yourself or you notice a family member is struggling with their mobility, it?s best to address it right away.

It?s not rare for an elderly individual to struggle with mobility. If they can?t get around as easily as they used to, it makes them more susceptible to further issues and injuries. It can be difficult for people to get to the different rooms in their home if they struggle with mobility. That can force them to spend the majority of their time in one room in their house. In addition to that, most people live in a home with one or two floors. If they have a second floor, they probably have difficulty making it up and down the stairs on their own.

Even if an elderly individual lives with other people, it?s likely that they are alone at times. They can?t fully depend on someone else being around at all times to help with their mobility issues. If they live alone, that means they have to figure out ways to get around the house and up and down stairs without extra help.

Due to issues like these, many elderly people fall and trip every year and many of these falls take place in the house. In the United States about 25% of elderly individuals will fall at least once. Sometimes, these falls result in serious injuries. Around 50% of the time an elderly individual falls, they go to the emergency room to deal with the aftermath.

How Folding Canes and Walking Canes Can Improve Mobility

Luckily, there are some solutions to these mobility issues. Using folding canes or walking canes to get around the house, around the neighborhood, or around town can be of great help for the elderly. That explains why there are more than 4.8 million people living in the United States who use a mobility device on a daily basis.

Canes and walking sticks
can be of use to the elderly when they want the option to move around their home when no one is around. They can manage to get from room to room much easier and can make it up and down the stairs with less assistance. Different canes like folding canes and custom walking canes can give family members peace of mind, too. If they know that their family member has a way to get around easier and safer, they will worry less about the safety of their family member.

It?s helpful to know that using a walking stick is common for the elderly. Once you reach age 65, it?s a good time to start looking into getting a walking cane if you?re not able to get around as good as you used to. Around 10% of those 65 years or older use a cane for improved mobility. For those over 85 years old, around 40% rely on mobility aids to get around easier.

Have you considered getting a walking stick so that you can get around easier and safer? What type of walking stick would you buy? Let us know in the comments about your experience dealing with loss of mobility.