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What Is the Next Home Project That You Are Planning?

The Sunday paper’s announcement of the Fall Parade of Homes was just the inspiration that you needed. With plans to replace the 22 year old linoleum in the Jack and Jill shared bathroom, it has been a challenge to select a new flooring option. After so many years with the same flooring, the new samples in the showrooms are hard to imagine in your space. Fortunately, the Fall Parade of Homes offers more than 40 homes where it is possible to see a variety of the newer flooring options in different houses throughout the city. In a number of price ranges, there are houses in a number of styles. It takes time to travel to all of the locations, but it is a great way to make sure that you can see the products that you are considering and get a better feel for how they will look in your own home.
As more and more home owners attempt to install flooring options that are easier to keep quiet and maintain, it should come as no suppose that there are many people who are moving away from tradit Continue reading