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What You Should Know About Moving

At some point in time or another, most of us will move. Some of us will move small distances and others much larger (and many a combination of the two), but, on average, the average American is likely to move up to 12 times throughout the course of their life. This amounts to more than 40 million people moving over the course of just one single year – and that’s here in this one country alone, let alone elsewhere throughout the world as we know it.

Moving is particularly common in one’s younger years of life, as up to half of the above moves will take place before the average person reaches the age of 30. This statement is supported by further data showing that up to one third of all people who fall within the decade of their 20s will typically move at least once throughout the year. This is largely due to the fact that up to 77% of all college students will change communities at least once throughout their tenure in undergrad, many making a big move when they first come to colleg Continue reading