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Keeping Your Family Healthy Everything You Need to Know

When you have a family to take care of, you’re always on the lookout for exceptional family health tips. After all, the healthier your loved ones are, the better you’ll sleep at night.

Below are some family health tips designed to make sure that everyone in your household feels their best mentally and physically.

Make Sure You Have Health Insurance

Even if you can’t get health insurance from your or your spouse’s employer, you should still look into the possibility of buying it on your own. Having a health plan from a trusted insurance provider helps you mitigate the risk of having to overspend on routine and catastrophic medical treatments.

Without health insurance, you might end up paying much more in a given year than you might if you paid out of pocket every time you had to go to a doctor’s office, urgent care facility, or hospital emergency room.

Remember: Even if you feel great, you can always use the protection that comes from knowing your health insurance will kick in if you incur unexpected costs.

Share a Family Doctor

Want to know one of the best family health tips that lots of parents forget about? It’s making sure everyone eventually goes to the same family practice doctor.

Certainly, you may want a designated pediatrician to treat your children when they are infants. However, when everyone in your home is seen under the care of a single physician or a team-based practice, you gain several advantages.

First of all, your complete medical histories will be located in one place, which is always an advantage. Secondly, the doctor or practice will get you to know you all very well. Nothing feels better than getting compassionate care from professionals who have helped your whole family for years.

Finally, sharing a family doctor among you all may end up with some cost and time savings. Imagine how efficient it would be to set up everyone’s annual checkups at one time so you don’t have to make several trips to see your physician. As they say, time is money. And time well-saved is also money well-saved.

Focus on Nutrition

It can be notoriously tough to eat healthy as a family. There are so many distractions in life. Besides, fast food is tremendously easy to pick up or have delivered. Nevertheless, spending time thinking about the nutrition needs of you and your loved ones is one of those family health tips that you can’t afford to ignore.

If you’ve found it tough to get on a healthier eating regimen, start slowly. Plan to eat at least two home-cooked meals each day, such as breakfast and dinner. Look for recipes for dishes your family will appreciate, and ensure that the dishes are heavy on lean proteins and nutrient-rich veggies. Don’t worry about making food that looks like it came from the pages of a cooking magazine. Even simple meals can be wonderfully filling and satisfying.

Having trouble adjusting to your new food routine? It might be a good idea to talk to an allergy doctor. You could have underlying food allergies that you don’t know about. Or, other members of your family could be allergic to items. By learning everyone’s allergies, you can then remove certain foods from your diets and help everyone feel more comfortable.

Visit the Dentist Regularly

Seeing a dentist is one of the smartest family health tips you can follow. Expect to schedule dentist examinations at least twice a year for every member of your family, including small children. The sooner kids realize that dental care is important, the higher the likelihood they’ll never put going to the dentist on the backburner.

Of course, you may feel hesitant to go to a dentist because of something called dental fear. Dental fear, or dental anxiety or phobia, is quite common in both children and adults. Yet it’s something that can be overcome. Many dentists offer sedation dentistry medications that allow you to relax and get your teeth checked or worked on. Sedation dentistry can run the gamut from your breathing in nitrous oxide to taking oral medicines before treatment begins. Definitely talk to your dental provider about sedation options so you can get your teeth in great shape.

You may also want to consider cosmetic dentistry for your kids if they have problems like teeth that are crooked, crowded, or gapped. Having unattractive teeth can lead to a loss of self-esteem, especially in middle and high schoolers. Getting them braces can have a major improvement. Nearly half of teenagers who chose Invisalign clear braces reported an increase in their confidence levels after straightening their teeth.

Get Everyone Moving

Family health tips should always include a nod to physical activity, and these family health tips are no exception to that rule. Get everyone in your household moving and physically active, not just because it’s good for the body, but because it’s good for the spirit, too.

Ideally, you should find activities that every member of your home can do with or without major equipment. Such activities could be walking, running, or swimming in a nearby pool. Of course, if you have a health and wellness center nearby, feel free to take out a family membership.

What are the guidelines for a physical fitness regimen? Generally speaking, most people should get about 30 minutes of moderate to intense activity every day. You may have to aim for a little less some days, especially if you’re busy, and a little more on others. Plenty of families spend their weekends doing physical activities like hiking, biking, skiing, or sledding so they can get in some hours of fitness and have loads of fun, too.

Feel like it’s tough to get your kids to participate? Make it mandatory, but also rewarding. Take a walk together after dinner every evening. Or insist that your children do something physical before they can engage in a non-physical pursuit or hobby. You don’t have to be heavy-handed, but do explain that moving the body is an excellent way to ward off long-term health issues. Who knows? Your child who seems to have zero interest in athletics may discover a new pastime like volleyball, tennis, or power walking.

Take Care of Your Eyes

You get only one pair of eyes, and it’s up to you to take care of them. Many times, families forget that they should go to the eye doctor once annually, if not more often. A visit to the eye doctor usually takes less than two hours and can give you a wealth of information about the wellness of your eyes.

Eye visits are also terrific preventive measures. Scans of your retina and the inside of your eyeball can reveal any possible problems. Often, eye conditions seem to sneak up on people because they don’t always hurt. However, your eye doctor can assist you in diagnosing conditions and recommending treatments.

If you or anyone in your family wears glasses or contact lenses, you’ll definitely need to prioritize eye doctor appointments. You cannot order contact lenses, even online, without an updated prescription. And you won’t know if your glasses prescription has changed if you aren’t going to the eye doctor as often as you should.

Not worried because you’ve never had an issue with your eyes? Be on the lookout for indicators that your kids might need corrective lenses. Some of the red flags parents often overlook are children who squint, stop getting high marks in schools, and begin to complain of frequent headaches. These are all signs that this is one of those family health tips that you shouldn’t ignore.

Concentrate on Hygiene

By now, everyone realizes that personal and household hygiene is critical to health and well-being. But kids are notoriously bad about washing their hands correctly and brushing their teeth, let alone keeping their rooms neat and tidy.

If you have kiddos in your household, the best thing you can do is teach them how to properly clean, disinfect, and sanitize the spaces they share with others. Not only will this be exceptional learning material for them today, but it will also help them down the road. Eventually, most children will move out of their parents’ homes and live on their own or with others. The more they know about the right ways to stay organized and keep a pristine home, the better.

True, you may not be a star cleaner yourself. In that case, you can make improvements a family project. Schedule time for everyone to do a little weekly cleaning on Saturday or Sunday. Assign rotating cleaning schedules for the bathroom and kitchen. And perform deeper cleans every month to ensure that dust, debris, and other pollutants don’t build up. Eventually being clean will be second nature.

Put a Premium on Mental Wellness

Staying fit and healthy isn’t just about taking care of your body and getting regular vaccines and examinations. It’s also about caring for your mental health.

Unfortunately, mental health has been considered a taboo subject. You might find it tough to talk about feelings or set up an appointment for anxiety counseling. However, many people regard finding a good therapist as one of the best family health tips they can give to others.

While you might not want to visit a counselor yourself, be open-minded to the needs of the others under your roof. Kids can get depressed and stressed out, especially in a world that includes social media and seems to run 24/7. And adults can find themselves facing overwhelming emotions that they aren’t sure how to deal with. Therapists are trained to help their clients move to a healthier headspace. So be flexible if your partner or child opens up about wanting to see a counselor.

Address Chronic Conditions

Do you or does someone else in your household have a chronic condition? Never allow chronic issues to go unchecked for very long. For instance, if your partner has a lingering cough that won’t go away, urge him or her to get it checked out. It might be a symptom of something treatable, or could be an indicator of a larger problem that you’ll want to know about right away.

From diabetic foot care to dealing with the effects of gluten intolerance, you have a responsibility to take chronic problems seriously. Your loved ones’ future or comfort could ride on a simple visit to the doctor.

Stop Smoking

As far as family health tips go, this is a no-brainer: Stop smoking. The majority of people who pick up smoking are either trying to quit or wish they’d never started smoking in the first place. If you’re among the long list of nicotine users, talk to a medical expert about quitting.

Why should you stop smoking, especially if your kids complain about it and say they’ll never pick up the habit? Unfortunately, kids whose parents smoke are at a greater risk of eventually trying cigarettes, cigars, or other forms of tobacco or nicotine. Plus, they may start vaping.

Yes, smoking cessation can be hard. It can also be tremendously freeing. Look into the many types of “quit smoking” programs or strategies on the market and see if there’s one that will work for you. Even if you’ve tried before, remind yourself that this could be the time that it sticks.

Keep a List of Urgent Care Facilities

What happens when a medical emergency occurs? Would you know where to go if you didn’t feel that you needed to call 911 instead? Plenty of people draw a blank when faced with emergency problems that don’t require a trip to the hospital, but definitely require quick attention.

Instead of being in the dark, make and post the name and number of at least one urgent family care center in your area someplace where everyone in your household can see it. You might also want to suggest that your loved ones put it into their phones as a contact. That way, if the time comes that you, your spouse, or your kids need to see a medical professional pronto, you’ll have the information.

Although this list of family health tips has been long, it’s anything but exhaustive. However, it’s a great place to begin making certain that the people who mean the most to you are as secure and protected from a health perspective as they can be.

Hiring a Professional Contractor vs. DIY

When you have a building or remodeling project to get done, you need to find the right construction company to handle it. But, how do you know if you’re picking the right company? The first step is to familiarize yourself with construction people near me so that you know who you are picking from. Then, you can look online to see the company’s reviews. If they don’t have reviews yet or have very few, you can always ask them for a reference who they have worked for in the past.

Not every one of the contract builders near me will be ideal for taking care of your project. You will want to choose a company that has experience with the kind of work that you need done. You may want to make a contractor inquiry to find out what kind of experience each company has in the kind of job you want from them. You may also need a contracting engineer to help get everything done. When you have your team assembled for the job, it can then get underway. Be sure that you choose a contracting company that is honest about how long your specific contracting job will take.

When you purchase a home, you are taking on a plethora of expenses other than your down payment. Many consider these expenses to be worth it since the average net worth of a homeowner is more than thirty times greater than that of a renter. These expenses include homeowner’s insurance, property tax, utilities, and repairs. For home repairs alone, homeowners generally spend between one to two percent of the total price of their home on repairs every year, according to Wells Fargo, a bank and mortgage lender. However, this price estimate only includes routine maintenance and does not factor in major remodels. According to HomeAdvisor, it costs an average of 20 thousand dollars to remodel a kitchen, 15 thousand dollars to remodel a basement, and nine thousand dollars for a bathroom.

need construction work done

For many home renovations, labor is the largest expense involved. According to information compiled by the National Association of Realtors on HouseLogic, labor is the most expensive part of nine out of ten common home repairs. In some cases, the cost of labor outnumbers the cost of materials considerably. For instance, the material required for repairing a door that is out of alignment costs approximately five dollars. However, the cost of labor is 30 to 125 dollars an hour for a handyman, in addition to a possible minimum charge of 150 to 350 dollars.

When deciding whether or not you need to hire some professional contractors for home improvement, you should consider the type of project, its complexity, and your level of expertise or skill, as well as the available time you have to work on the project.

For many home repairs, you can forgo the cost of labor by completing the home repair or remodel on your own, without hiring contractors for home improvement. However, the trick is deciding whether or not you can complete the task on your own. As a rule of thumb, more knowledge-based or labor-intensive tasks such as electrical work, plumbing, pouring concrete, or tile setting should be done by a skilled electrician, plumber, or another professional, while jobs such as painting, replacing cabinets, or insulating an attic can be done on your own.

You may be wondering what other home improvement tasks you can do on your own and which require a professional contractor. This depends on many other factors, including your skill level, expertise, available time, and the overall cost. When deciding whether or not you should do it yourself, you should also consider safety.

Consider Safety First

There are three major reasons a task is too dangerous to do yourself:

It could potentially be fatal. Botching a job such as electrical work or roofing could potentially be fatal or result in serious injury, leaving you bedridden and in need of home care. Jobs like these are best suited for professional contractors for home improvement who are trained to handle the dangers involved. For example, replacing an electric water heater is a job you might be able to do yourself. On the other hand, replacing a gas water heater is a job for a professional since cutting into gas lines could possibly lead to explosion, fire, or poisoning if you are not careful.

It could cause major destruction. Botching a major plumbing job such as moving a bath fixture could potentially destroy your home. If the fixture is not properly installed or tightened, it could result in a water leak. If the leak remains unnoticed for long enough, it could weaken the wall to the point that it collapses. This is also a possibility if you hire professional contractors for home improvement, but in this case, the plumbing service or plumbing contractor would be responsible and forced to pay for the damages.

The job requires a permit. If a job requires a building permit, it is likely too complicated a job to do yourself. A building permit is a document that says a construction job was done safely and up to all standards. Every city or municipality has laws dictating what jobs require permits and which do not. These laws also dictate how much they cost and how easy they are to obtain. In a few areas, it is fairly straightforward for a homeowner to acquire a building permit to do home improvement work themselves. In other areas, you can only acquire a building permit if you have hired licensed contractors for home improvement. However, just because you can get a permit, does not mean you can do the work yourself. Oftentimes, the fact you need a permit is a sign you should not be doing the job on your own.

Leaving It To A Professional

There are a few other reasons to opt for hiring professional contractors for home improvement jobs:

Mistakes could cost you even more. Even if there are no issues of safety involved, hiring professional contractors for home improvement jobs can be a wise investment. If you decide to go ahead and do it yourself, yet you are not sure what you are doing, you will likely need the services of a professional contractor later on down the road to fix your mistakes. In this case, doing it yourself did not save you money. Instead, it cost you twice as much for one job. For instance, if you choose not to hire an asphalt paving company and decide to pave your driveway yourself, you might have to pay for crack sealing later on down the road to fix your mistakes.

It could affect the value of your home. Real estate brokers warn that shoddy do it yourself work can be a serious aversion for potential buyers, even if you splurge on the best quality materials. For instance, even the most expensive bathroom tile will appear cheap if it is not installed correctly.

Calculating Your Costs and Savings

To figure out whether or not it is worth it to do a job yourself, you need to estimate both the time and cost involved and calculate the savings per hour.

Get a professional estimate. Begin by finding out how much it would cost to get the job done professionally. You can do this by getting a quick quote from a professional home improvement contractor. There are also plenty of websites that ask you to provide the job you want to be done and your ZIP code and then will estimate the price for you based on survey data from other homeowners in your area.

Calculate the cost to do it yourself. After getting a professional estimate, you need to calculate how much it would cost to do the job yourself. Do not forget to include the price for tools, materials, or permits, if necessary. Add all these costs up to determine the total do it yourself price.

Factor in the time required. Estimating the time is a lot more difficult than the cost since the time you spend on a home improvement job will largely depend on your skill level and experience. There are plenty of online resources or home improvement books that will provide an estimate of how long a job will take based on your level of experience.

Estimate Your Hourly Wage. After you have estimated your potential savings and the time required, divide your savings by the time to determine how much money you can save per hour of work. Or to look at it a different way, this is how much you can make per hour. Then, you can decide if it is worth it to work for that wage. For instance, rewiring a basement is a job that will likely take weeks or months to do yourself, while a professional electrician can finish it in one day.

Saving Money on Home Improvement

Whether you are hiring professional contractors for home improvement or doing it yourself, there will be a cost. For a do it yourself job, the largest investment will be your time. When hiring a professional contractor, it will be money. In both of these cases, however, you will want to save as much money as possible. With just a few tips, you can ensure you are making a wise investment with both your money and time.

Saving Money on Contractors For Home Improvement

Doing it yourself is a great way to save money on home improvement projects, but there are also a few ways to keep costs down when hiring a professional contractor:

Opt for high return projects. Some repairs are essential, but most remodels are not. To get the most return out of your remodeling jobs, opt for renovation projects that add the most value to your home. This includes a manufactured stone veneer, a new steel entry door, or a garage door replacement done by a professional garage door company. A siding or roofing replacement are a few other high return projects. With these projects, you can expect to recoup almost the entire cost when it is time to sell. Avoid renovation projects like adding a sunroom, upscale master suite, or upscale bathroom. You can expect to lose half the total cost of these projects during resale.

Communicate with your contractor. Many of the issues that arise when working with a contractor stem from a lack of communication, according to Consumer Reports. Before the job is started, layout some clear guidelines regarding working conditions, working hours, cleanup, and where to direct any questions. If a problem does arise, address it immediately with your contractor. Clear communication both ways will help you avoid any problems.

Do your own demolition and cleanup. Even when doing an entire job yourself is not feasible, you can still save money by doing parts of the job yourself. If you can swing a sledgehammer, for example, you can handle the demolition step yourself since it does not require the skill or expertise of a professional contractor. You can also save money by cleaning up yourself after the demolition as well as at the end of the project. You can also add any finishing touches yourself at the end of the project, such as painting or power washing your deck or siding. By only paying a professional contractor for parts of a project that require their particular skill or expertise, you save a significant sum of money.

Saving Money on Do It Yourself Jobs

Although cheaper than hiring professional contractors for home improvement, doing a job yourself can get quite expensive considering the cost of tools, materials, or permits, if necessary. However, there are a few ways to keep costs down and get the best value out of doing the job yourself:

Learn how to do it yourself. Before you think about tackling a home improvement job, you need to know how it should be done. Today, you do not necessarily need experience to complete home improvement tasks. There are plenty of online resources that can teach you everything you need to know about simple home repair jobs like fixing a leaky faucet, a clogged drain, or a screechy door hinge. After you practice certain skills and build your confidence with these tasks, you can move on to larger ones like building a bookshelf, replacing a toilet, or installing well pumps.

Save on building materials. You can save on various building materials for your home improvement project, such as cabinets, doors, windows, or bathroom fixtures, by looking at a reuse store. These stores take leftover or unwanted materials from other projects and sell them at a great discount. If your do it yourself project requires a special tool, you should look into buying it secondhand from a local garage sale, online, or renting it from a home improvement store to save money.

Deciding between doing a job yourself or hiring a professional contractor should be more than just a matter of money. You should consider safety, speed, hassle, and the quality of work. These various factors are the reasons why many homeowners often decide to hire professional contractors for home improvement, despite the increase in cost. For many homeowners, doing it themselves comes with the added benefit of feeling prideful in their work.

When considering any home addition or need construction work done, you need to be aware of some dangers and hidden costs to keep your project affordable. Firstly, you should consider the size of your project and whether you need a contracting engineer, if you need a general contractor, or even both.

Your choice will depend on the scale, complexity, and labor needs of the project. For large scale building projects, you could use a contracting engineer as they will have the skill, knowledge, and required home builders license to undertake this work. They can increase the size of your home, create the necessary building plans, and register building permits for your project. A building engineer will likely use a subcontractor or general contractor to do some of the work. General contractor specializes in specific parts of the job, such as drywalling, roofing, or plumbing.

Lastly, web pages and area guides will show about contractor tabs, telling you whether they are reputable or fly by night. Low cost contractors may end up costing you a lot more in the end when you have to repair and redo poor work.

Tips For How To Plan For A House Party

The weather is finally getting nicer so you know what that means — you’re having a party, inviting all your friends and family over, and enjoying this time alive together. It’s summer! What better to do than kick back with your friends and family and have fun? But you have to do it right if you’re going to at all. Follow these simple rules on how to plan a house party and the party you throw will be the best ever.


Inside The House
It’s honestly all about the preparations when it comes to how to plan a house party. It should probably go without saying you’re gonna need to clean the house. The basics are crucial: sweep and mop, finally get around to carpet cleaning for the stain you’ve been hiding with furniture, and straighten up any loose papers or belongings. Sometimes you’ll need to move around the furniture to make more space for people to sit. It’s likely you need to at least rearrange some chairs or get more. And when the space is what you’re providing while hosting a party, you’re not going to want clutter around. This may be a great time to update some parts of your house you had been meaning to anyways. For instance, new curtains, hand towels, or pillows for the couch will make the place look a little nicer. Additionally, stocking your bathrooms with whatever a guest may potentially need but wouldn’t want to ask for is a great way to be prepared.

It’s obvious but important. You don’t want the place looking like you weren’t expecting people over. Make your friends and family feel welcomed and better yet, anticipated! The extra effort you take to make sure your space is neat and tiny definitely will not go unnoticed or appreciated. Even just a little home care will go a long way. So don’t cut corners! Roughly 62% of people report feeling grateful for their children and family, so making sure your party is the best it can be can help with strengthening those bonds. For that reason, learning how to plan a house party could be just what you need to keep your relationships strong.

If you’re planning on having a bunch of people over, depending on where you live, you’re going to have some logistics to deal with in terms of parking. Should you live where you have a long driveway and plenty of front yard space for overflow parking, then you’re set. But if you live in a city or development where cars lining the street isn’t the best, consider a nearby park, street, or lot of land for people to park in. Another solution would be asking your neighbors if you can use their driveways or yards for parking. Letting your neighbors know you’re having a party regardless is probably a good idea and a nice gesture. This is because knowing that noise and parking disturbances are going to happen ahead of time is much easier to deal with and you’ll likely be met with more understanding this way. Making sure there’s a place for everybody is an important tip for how to plan a house party.

Outside The House
Should you be planning on having your guests be outside, if you have a deck or patio, some form of floor covering like an area or space rug can make the space more welcoming and comfortable. Even just something cheap from the dollar store will do the trick, but feel free to find a more expensive one perfect for your style. This is a small thing can that make a big difference, one you might not notice but is definitely there. Plus, if you have a deck, having space rugs could help limit the risk of getting a splinter, especially if your guests have kids attending. A little splinter won’t ruin a party by any means, but why risk it? Space rugs also provide a nice touch of decor inside the house, too. Even if guests aren’t planned to stay inside, they might anyways or will at least walk through the house, and area rugs can also help with tracking in dirt or grass.

Since its summertime and you’re planning on being outside, should you have a pool, your guests will probably enjoy swimming or at least sticking their toes in the water during these hot summer months! pool opening, if you haven’t already, will be an important part of how to plan a house party so to make sure your party is the best it can be. Once you’ve opened your pool, have some floaties or pool games for your guests. Pool floats and different toys can be found at Walmart or any dollar store near you. Pool noodles are super cheap and can be used for lounging in the pool or play. If you don’t already, using solar covers is a good way to ensure your pool is a little warmer than without. It’ll still be cool enough to be refreshing, but a little nicer for those first few steps getting in.

Another important tip for how to plan a house party is making sure you have enough space. If your house is too small for everyone to be comfortable inside or you just want people to stay outdoors, looking into tent rentals is a good and reasonably affordable way to make more shaded space outside. Not only that, but they’re easy to assemble if the company you book with doesn’t do it themselves. Having a tent at your party can really elevate the space and take your party to the next level. Especially if you don’t have any natural shade in your yard, a tent is a good way of giving your guests a shaded place to still hang out. You’ll want to make sure you find the best deal though should you go this route for your party.

The Food
One of the most important tips for how to plan a house party is making sure you have food. Everyone loves to snack, let’s be real, and you’ll probably want at least one meal to serve since people are coming over for a few hours. At a minimum, you’ll want to grab some bottled water or solo cups for your guests. While you’re thinking about food, grab some wholesale tortillas, beans, rice, peppers, guac, and sour cream for tacos to burritos! Tacos or burritos are great to serve as at a party because they can easily be made vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free! Especially if your guests have any of these dietary restrictions, preparing for something like that will go a long way towards your relationship with them. Making sure your guests all have something to eat, regardless of diet, is an important part of learning how to plan a house party.

The rest of the food you provide can really be up to you, but having an array of different things for people to try is the best way to go about it. For drinks, that means making sure you have water, soda, juice for the kids, and any alcohol if necessary. For snacks, it means having fruit and veggie trays, different types of chips or pretzels, or any special requests. A classic favorite is chicken wing dip, so maybe keep that in mind when thinking about how to plan a house party.

Should you be a pet owner and your guests are all good with animals being around, then you’re all set there! However, should anyone be allergic or having your pet around would be an added stressor to watch, looking into temporary pet care may be something you want to consider. Even though we love our pets, sometimes they can be too much to take care of while also hosting. If you’re able, this can be an easy way to remedy that, especially if someone is allergic.

Should it be the other way around and pets are encouraged, make sure there’s a place for people to bring theirs where they can either be seen or won’t get into any trouble if they’re not being watched. Should you be expecting pets to join you for your party, have some treats for them, too! This is another small but noticeable way to make the party that much nicer for your guests and lets them know you care.

The Decor
A great way to make your party more of an event is with posters and signs. If you decide to do this, your signage display will be a talking point of the party. Should it be a birthday party, engagement, graduation or something like that, posters and signs will also help make the person you’re celebrating feel more special. Ultimately, that’s the point of throwing the party then, so taking whatever steps necessary to do that will make a big difference.

Even something as simple as putting a sign out by the road or a few balloons on your mailbox. But it could be way more intricate than that, too. For instance, if you’re throwing a birthday or graduation party, have a photo wall! This is a nice way of capturing all the time you’re gathered together to celebrate. Having an active photo booth, too, where people can take pictures at the event and then add them to the wall is a nice way to keep the party interactive. Your guests are there because you wanted to share this with them, but also because they are part of the journey you’re celebrating. Taking the time to make sure they know that will make a difference in how enjoyable your party is.

However, don’t just stop there! The decor is probably the most important part of a party. Especially if the party you’re throwing is related to a holiday. For instance, if you’re throwing a 4th of July or Memorial Day party, go all out with red white and blue decor! Not only that, but decorate your foods! A fun way to do that is by making different mixed drinks. There are all sorts of recipes online to make the drinks red and blue. Or make a flag cake with strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. The options are endless once you put your mind towards decorating the place. The decorations will be super impressive to your guests.

The Party

Once the party begins, you’ve learned pretty much all there is to learn about how to plan a house party. However, there are a few things you can do to make sure it runs smoothly. Having prepared games like the pool toys and maybe a frisbee, football, or soccer ball to throw and kick around are good ideas. Especially if kids are coming, having activities for them planned where they can run around and safely be out of the parents’ hair will be an excellent touch for your party.

Having a safe room for people to put their things in can also be really important for your guests. It also will help keep the space less cluttered once everyone arrives, which you’ll be grateful for. Additionally, having an extra phone charger around could be beneficial for your guests. This is definitely an extra step, but one that a friend in need will definitely remember.

Another thing people love to do at parties is have a fire. Based on where you live, this may or may not be possible. But should you be able to have one, make sure you have marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate handy. Obviously, you’ll need to make sure you have enough firewood, too. Having outdoor storage will help to keep your wood dry and potentially even serve as a place to keep some snacks, tables, or chairs. Having this option as the evening comes to a close is a nice way to let your friends and family know they can stick around for a little while longer! There’s also nothing like wrapping up in a towel after an afternoon in the pool and sitting around a fire eating a s’more. It’s also a great opportunity for conversation if there hasn’t been much downtime during the party.

There are plenty of ways to throw a party at your house and it doesn’t have to be as complex as some of this guide is. However, if you want to take those extra steps, it will make a difference. Your guests will feel more welcomed, appreciated, and overall have a better time at your place. Should you follow all these tips for how to plan a house party, the party you throw will be better because of it.

Home And Family Updates During COVID-19

While we are all stuck inside anyways due to Covid-19, it’s likely you’ve started to see your house under a different lens. With that comes to light all the things you wish you had done differently when you built your home, or the updates you wanted to make when you first moved in that you were too busy or too broke to ever do. Hopefully now, with a few less expenses and a lot more time on your hands, the home and family life updates and renovations can begin.

It’s entirely possible that over the weeks you’ve begun to notice just how much dirtier it seems to be at all times now with kids, adults, and pets alike being stuck in one place. With kids and pets tracking in mud and dirt from outside, dirt removal from your floors and carpets is likely necessary. Moreover, grab those kids, give them some paper towels and 409, and send them to each room of the house. You’ll be glad you did. Not only will the house be that much cleaner, but you’ll have had a moment to yourself, which is rare these days. As the home and family life routines you were all once used to have changed as the circumstances outside do, it would make sense that they do indoors then, too.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the epicenter of a home. It’s where you go to ease your hunger or thirst, where you go when you’re just bored and want something to munch on, and the room in which labor and love go hand in hand in providing nourishment for the family. As we wait for the days to pass until we can return to restaurants and shopping centers and even work, the days seem to be counted by the meals we eat. How to pass the time between meals has become one of the biggest concerns for those out of work. You probably spend more time in your kitchen than you think you might. You’ve also probably noticed just how much dirtier it is now with everyone eating just because they’re bored.

But how is your kitchen countertop holding up with all that use? Is it time to replace your old-school Formica countertops from the ’90s with those fancy granite slabs you’ve always wanted? It seems there is never enough space for all the bills and miscellaneous papers to live on the countertops alongside each meal preparation. It may very well be a good idea to expand your kitchen countertops or consider adding an island in for more workspace.

How about your kitchen cabinets? With so many dishes being constantly in use, you’ve likely realized you have less space than you thought. Maybe the more you look at them the more you realize they haven’t been updated since you moved in, and a fresh coat of paint is all you need to change things up. Or perhaps you need a bigger, nicer update entirely to keep along with the changing pace of things, and you decide to replace the cabinet doors with the aesthetic of cabinet shelves. Whatever it may be, it’s important to consider what updates make this time of separation more bearable.

It’s possible your dishwasher may need to be updated as we spend more time isolated in our homes. Or adding an extra fridge and freezer in your garage or basement to help store foods as we limit our time in grocery stores. Keeping at least a two week stock of food supplies is an important move to make so not to be going to the store multiple times a week. Perhaps it’s even time for a new coffee maker so you’re positive the brew is as strong as can be, cause we all know we need that. As your home and family life changes around the virus, it may be time to update some appliances as well as they frequent more use now.

The Office

While those with jobs able to be worked remotely are all figuring out how to work from home, each room in the house with a desk or remote resemblance of workspace has been turned into a home office. Perhaps you already had one room in the house designated for work, however now, it’s likely you need multiple. And aside from just a table or desk to set your laptop on, you also need to be able to separate yourself from the rest of the home so not to disrupt meetings and your own focus.

This change in the home and family life dynamic is probably the singlehanded most abrupt change that has happened inside the house. The need for quiet, organized space is not always so easily found. Especially for people who prefer to work someplace other than where they live or at least not in their bedroom. Not only do many households have multiple people working throughout the workweek, but if you have children as well, they will need a guided space in which they have access to their online school work. And if your children are young, parents are learning how to be full-time workers and teachers at the same time. Depending on your situation, this time of altered work and learning space can have a big impact on our lives.

The Roof

Maybe you have noticed the shingles on your roof fading or peeling as another winter comes to an end and spring cleaning proceeds. Although your roof may need maintenance, it’s not always necessary to hire roof repair services from a roofing company. Your home and family life routines prior to Covid-19 may very well have suggested hiring somebody to take care of it for you, which can be a very smart decision to make. But should you have the time, like many of us do now, and the ability to manage such a task, repairing your roof can be done on your own.

While we are stuck at home, if you are careful and know what you’re doing, roofing can be a very achievable, yet time-consuming task to do on your own. Granted, you’re not afraid of heights, you have a ladder that reaches, and you’re fairly balanced. If the wood beneath the shingles is intact, all you have to do is replace the old shingles with the new, should you have more than two layers of shingles already. Should there only be one layer of shingles, you don’t even have to replace it. You can just add the new shingles on top of the previous, making the process that much simpler. While a level of danger is involved, this could be a learning and bonding experience for any moms or dads out there eager enough to take on the challenge with kids old enough to be safe.

And while it may seem like you’ve had your fill of bonding time lately, when this is over and our hectic lives are able to resume, even slowly at first, you will miss this time we all spent with our families. Roughly 62% of people report feeling grateful for their children and family. Taking advantage of any quality time with your kids or spouse will likely not be one of your regrets later in life.

The Bathrooms

It’s likely the bathrooms in your house have received the most damage in terms of cleanliness and likely the least amount of attention to remedy it. Sinks, countertops, the toilet, and the shower are critical to keep clean and updated. New mirrors are a quick and easy way to spice up the bathroom, along with simple wall decor like picture frames or even simpler like candles. Should you be itching for an even easier way to update your bathroom, a new shower curtain can go a long way. Replacing these countertops and cabinets like done in the kitchen may also bring a nice change of pace to your rooms. Especially if you use the same materials to update, matching countertops throughout the house will give a nice sense of sameness to tie the rooms together.

The bathrooms are also going to be hotspots for germs to collect as they are so frequently used. Sanitizing door, cabinet, and toilet handles along with soap dispensers is a sure-fire way to ensure the cleanliness of each person using the bathroom. In addition, rotating out towels and inner shower curtains can also help to this effect. Routine cleanliness is more important than ever now that we are in such close quarters. Even simply cleaning the shower is something that can be done easily while you’re bathing in there already. Similarly, while you brush your teeth, quickly spraying and wiping out the sink can easily be accomplished. Not only is staying on top of cleaning important for basic hygiene and COVID related reasons, but it can also be a huge stress reliever to know your surfaces are clean and organized.

The Outdoors

For a lot of people, the outdoor ground they own holds endless options. Home and family life can more easily revolve around time outdoors as the weather gets nicer and nicer. Do you have an awning, a fence, a pool, or a shed? Any combination of them all? With pets around, wood fences are easy to build, update, and largely effective in keeping your pets from wandering too far away, especially if you have a dog. If you’re taking this time and nice weather as an opportunity to make your own, fence supplies are relatively cheap and easily available. With one trip to an open hardware store, you’ll have everything you need to build or update your fence. Should you be painting, the kids might enjoy this task, too.

As summer quickly approaches, the home and family life routines you’ve become accustomed to will shift to accommodate the nice weather, especially after months of quarantine in cold weather, limiting activities to indoors. As such, one example of how home and family life can change in the weeks leading up to June is that June marks the perfect time to start your swimming pool cleaning routine. While you’re working on the deck to ensure some sunshine in your day, having a clean pool to jump in and refresh yourself could be imperative to focusing on work, especially if you’re home doesn’t have air conditioning. This may also keep your kids out your hair for a while, which could be very helpful in completing work.

In addition, with kids comes toys. If you’re a family with a dog, it’s likely your groomer is closed. That said, dog grooming can be difficult depending on the type of dog you have. Some dogs need their fur to be shaved and shaped monthly so to avoid mats that would be painful. Others require little to no grooming at all. It’s a good rule of thumb to at least wash and brush your dog with appropriate shampoo and brushes monthly in an attempt to keep their coat clean and healthy.

Are your kids old enough to ride a bike, skateboard, or rollerblade around your driveway or block? Or are they still learning how to ride a bike? Or have you maybe gained some weight this quarantine and are in need of exercise? If you’re taking your bike out of the shed or garage for the first time this year, it’s almost guaranteed that your tires will be flat or some type of bike repairs will be required. Should your home and family life change during quarantine from a life too busy for exercise to one where exercise is included and/or necessary for your health, biking is something that the whole family can typically do.

It’s not surprising that during this time of isolation our lives are going to start to look different, even just within the home. But that doesn’t mean this has to be a bad thing. Embrace the change and uncertainty that comes with this time, and use it to create or update something beautiful within your home and family life.

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