7 Reasons You Need a Better Night’s Sleep

Organic king sheets

Most of us know that we should get a good night’s sleep but many do not actually go through with it. Experts at the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) recommend that adults get between seven and nine hours of shut eye a night but a scant 42% of us actually do that. Whether you curl up in organic king sheets or prefer other kinds of organic bedding products, these are some great benefits to getting enough sleep.

  1. You can lose weight. This is not because you are not eating while you sleep but because when you miss sleep, your body will start to produce hormones that can lead you to become obese. When we do not sleep enough, our bodies produce ghrelin. This hormone makes us think we are hungry. At the same time, our lack of sleep makes us produce less leptin, which is the hormone that tells us to stop eating. These changes in our hormone levels make us gain weight. It should be noted that one way people sleep better is by working out more, which may also lead to both weight loss and better health.
  2. They do not call it “beauty sleep” for nothing. Most people have seen the harsh toll not sleeping can take on a person’s body. We have all seen the puffy and red eyes. When we do not sleep, our bodies release more cortisol, also known as the “stress hormone.” This hormone is active in the breakdown of collagen, which keeps our skin looking young and healthy. When collagen breaks down, our skin starts to sag and we look older. Spending some more time asleep between our organic king sheets can make sure we look younger and healthier. Not only is less cortisol produced when we sleep but we also produce growth hormones that improve our muscle mass, promote strong bones and keep us looking good.
  3. Sleep increases creativity. When we sleep, our emotional memory is strengthened. Scientists at Harvard University and Boston College have looked into this and found that by increasing and improving our emotional memory, we improve our creative processes as well.
  4. Sleep improves our memory. Not only is the emotional memory strengthened, but that time in our organic king sheets, helps our memory function better. When we sleep, our brains review and take in what we did during the day. This helps convert our short term memories into long terms memories. No matter what you want to remember, sleeping better will help.
  5. Healthy sleep promotes general health. There are a large number of studies that link insomnia with major medical issues ranging from stroke, heart disease and diabetes. The impact good sleep, or not getting good sleep, has on the immune system cannot be understated. People who do not sleep well have weaker immune systems than those who get their zzz’s. American Academy of Sleep Medicine has found that people who sleep better actually miss less work than people who do not.
  6. Sleep can make you happy. Sure, just the thought of curling up in some nice organic bed sheets may be enough but research shows that the people who get the best sleep are less likely to suffer from depression. When people get less than six hours of sleep a night, their risk for developing severe depression increases. Moreover, a 2014 Cognitive Therapy and Research Study showed that people who sleep more report more positive thinking than those who do not.
  7. Live longer with better sleep. There are some people who like to say,”I will have time to sleep when I am dead.” That may be true but people who sleep more and get better sleep tend to live a lot longer. Recently, evidence came out that showed that people who do not sleep enough are more likely to die from a wide array of causes.

People love to get a good night’s sleep. There is a reason that grumpy people are asked “did you get up on the wrong side of the bed?” Whether we use organic king sheets or some other bedding, getting enough quality sleep can make all the difference in our lives. The good news is that it is possible to get better sleep with some effort and time.

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