4 Problems That Thumb Sucking Worsens

It’s extremely common for babies to suck their thumb throughout the early parts of their life. However, statistics show that 95% of all babies will regularly suck their thumb. That being said, children frequently sucking their thumb after age two are likely doing this out of habit. As a parent, it’s important to understand that thumb sucking might not be as harmless as you think. Considering that, here are four problems often attributed to thumb sucking.

  1. Potential for Social Problems

    If not fixed early, it can be difficult for a child to stop sucking their thumb. This means that your child could find themselves entering school with a thumb sucking problem. Unfortunately, children can sometimes say hurtful things to a child that still sucks their thumb. If you want to avoid your child being the target of classroom jokes, it’s best to stop thumb sucking habits as soon as possible.
  2. Dental Issues

    Another important reason to curb thumb sucking is that it can create a slew of dental problems. As children habitually suck their thumbs, this often causes their teeth to grow in at odd angles. In turn, children with thumb sucking problems often have to deal with overbite issues as they get older. If you want to avoid having to deal with these dental problems, consider ordering a TGuard AeroThumb product. This product is a treatment kit designed to stop children from sucking their thumbs.
  3. Risk of Developing a Speech Impediment

    Many children who have dental issues related to thumb sucking can develop speech impediments. In fact, statistics show that nearly 5% of children who suck their thumbs will develop some type of speech disorder by first grade. In particular, thumb sucking can cause children to have a hard time developing hard consonant sounds.
  4. Increased Risk of Getting Sick

    There’s no doubt that children love to play. That being said, this play can sometimes mean that children wind up with dirty hands and fingers. Unfortunately, children who suck their thumbs won’t think twice about putting these same thumbs in their mouths. As you can imagine, this creates the potential for your child to come into contact with a wide range of germs. In turn, this means that children who suck their thumbs are often having to deal with being sick.

In closing, your child is at risk for several major problems while continuing to engage in thumb sucking. If you’re looking for a way to prevent your child from sucking their thumb, consider the TGuard AeroThumb product. This thumb sucking guard helps to stop children from sucking their thumb, proving to be 90% effective at breaking this habit. You’ll also find that the TGuard AeroThumb product has been shown to completely stop most instances of thumb sucking within four weeks.

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