3 Essential Qualities of a Great Retirement Home

Your retirement years should be the golden age in your life. After decades of raising a family, contributing to society, or building your career, you’ve earned a well-deserved break from the hustle.


A good retirement community feels like a home. Finding that special place to spend the next chapter of your life, however, isn’t always easy. With so many different locations and living styles to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which organization is best. What’s more, some places are even known for mistreating residents or ignoring their needs. No one wants to spend their golden years in such an upsetting environment.

While finding the best retirement home is a matter of personal preference, every good retirement home should exhibit a few key qualities. Here are some common signs that you’ve found the perfect retirement community:

1. The Community Welcomes Family and Friends


First and foremost, any assisted living facility or retirement village should prioritize community. Residents should be able to invite friends, family, and any other visitors without having to worry about limited visitor hours or other policies that restrict independence. Furthermore, a quality retirement community will encourage residents to make new friends by hosting fun events and classes where residents can meet one another.

2. Individualized Care and Assistance


Retirement living facilities should also offer individualized care and assistance. A quality organization will allow residents to maintain autonomy while also ensuring that each individual feels supported. Residents should be able to determine when they’d like help with activities like bathing or taking medications, and when they’d prefer to handle things on their own. If the facility you’re considering offers flexibility and individualization, you may have found the right retirement community for you!

3. Residents Can Make Choices and Pursue Interests


Finally, retirement living should still include high levels of independence and excitement. Senior housing that offers new activities regularly demonstrates a vested interest in the quality of life for each resident. Beyond the proverbial bingo game, top-notch retirement communities may host music events, arts and skills classes, book clubs, gardening opportunities, and other activities that engage the minds and bodies of community members.

In 2010, about one in eight people aged 85 or older resided in an institution. However, “institution” doesn’t always have to imply a boring, dreary place to live! Look for retirement living facilities that demonstrate the qualities mentioned above to ensure the next chapter of your life is truly golden.


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