Daily Archives: February 12, 2020

A Quick Step-by-Step Guide for Swimming Pool Opening

With signs of winter ending and as it starts to warm up, you’re all eagerly waiting to jump in your backyard pools and cast away the winter blues in a fun-filled summer. However, you can’t just dive in and swim right away as some important preparations need to be done for the pool to be ready for the new swimming season. Here is the step-by-step guide for a stress-free swimming pool opening.

1. Open Your Pool Early

The reason why it’s recommended to open the pool early is to prevent the growth and proliferation of algae, which thrive in dark and warm places. Opening your pool early makes it easy to clean and treat the water, so it will be ideal for swimming in.

2. Hire a Swimming Pool Professional or Do-it-Yourself

Swimming pool opening can be pretty much challenging especially if you don’t have simple DIY skills and that’s why you’re are advised to contract a swimming pool company that offers pool opening and closing servi Continue reading