What Do You Look for in Bedsheets?

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Waterproof crib sheet

When you think of waterproof sheets, you probably remember the old-school stiff-vinyl, crackly and unwieldy layers used on kids’ beds to protect the mattress underneath. They were uncomfortable to sleep on, difficult to clean and had a plasticky smell that kids hate. The new generation of waterproof sheets are completely different. Nature combined with technology gives you a smooth, natural surface that is so comfortable to sleep on that you don’t need a regular sheet on top. In cheerful colors and different sizes – for cribs, twin and waterproof fitted sheet doubles – they provide a new level of comfort and convenience.

Waterproof potty training sheets
Potty training is an


Your Baby is Precious, So is Their Skin

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Fitted waterproof mattress protector

If you’re a new parent, your mind is probably reeling with a million and one different things at once. That’s perfectly normal. Parenthood is a major step in life, and one that’s not to be taken lightly. But it’s also an exciting milestone, and one that should be embraced.

All that being said, it’s probably still a challenge to ease your mind from all the anxieties that come from having a child or children, like how to take care of their health, how to teach them, how to feed them, and how to protect them. One of the most delicate parts of a new child is their skin. As we’ve come to know through countless idioms, a baby’s skin is incredibly smooth, and with this smoothness comes great vulnerability.

But there are many ways to care for your child’s skin. The three main environmental fact